A big heart and a good home needed for Queenie and Rep

Jan 23, 2021

A couple of years ago we rehomed Queenie, an ex flat racing mare who had been bought and exported from Italy by her then groom, to save her from an abusive situation.  Queenie then came into the Sanctuary when her family could no longer keep her due to bereavement and downsizing.

Luckily, Queenie managed to find a home with another retired ex flat racer and a lady who was very experienced and loves the quirks of this type of horse.  However, sadly, the owner has now become too unwell to keep them.  Naturally, Queenie is able to return to us, however, we do not physically have the space for both of them.

The two horses are so bonded that ideally, we would love to find them a new home together.  We have seen how attached Queenie gets to field mates and would prefer not to put her through the stress of this again if we can possibly find that special home for both of them.  We realise this kind of home is few and far between but with the sharing and getting the word around we hope this plea finds its way to the right person.

These mares are both retired, so essentially field ornaments.  They are happy to live out with a nice run in style shelter with a warm bed if they want it.  They are older Thoroughbred ladies so will need supplementary feeding through the Winter.  They are both around 18 years old and 15.2hh.

Rep enjoys a good wallow in the wettest mud she can possibly find while Queenie enjoys having ‘staff’ to attend to her every whim!

It would mean the world to a very poorly lady and the people who care for these beautiful horses to get them settled into a new home together for the rest of their days.

Any potential home will be vetted and both horses will have a loan agreement in place with us. Please contact the Sanctuary on 01460 65214 or info@ferneanimalsanctuary.org if you are interested and would like to discuss further.