Ferne is ideal for a school or group visit

A wide variety of domestic and farm animals to see; lots of wildlife friendly areas to explore; and plenty of space and play areas to let off steam.

We have previously only been able to do guided tours of the Sanctuary, but in early 2017 we appointed an Education Officer.  This means that we are now in a position to be able to offer much more in the way of ‘learning and discovery’ to schools and other groups.

We can do a whole range of Learning and Discovery sessions covering a wide range of the curriculum, plus guided tours too.  For more information see the ‘You coming to Ferne’ page.

We can also come to you and do talks, outreach visits, and free school assemblies – for more information see the ‘Ferne coming to you’ page.

Mark’s Modus Operandi

Our Education Officer, Mark Hancock, tries to ensure that everything he does in education:

  • Is inspirational – inspires people to want to look after the natural world and treat animals with respect.
  • Is fun – if the learning involves enjoyment it is more likely to be memorable.
  • Is stealthy – people don’t realise they are learning when they are having fun or being inspired!