A foal at Ferne Animal Sanctuary

Ferne Coming to You


We can offer to do a whole series of free* assemblies for schools with different focuses, some of which can be done anytime:

  • Responsibilities of owning a pet.
  • Choosing the right pet.
  • The five welfare needs of animals.
  • The work of animal sanctuaries and why they are important.
  • How to best approach and act appropriately around dogs and other animals.

Other assemblies are offered at particular times of the year to highlight certain topical issues such as:

  • Presents for animals rather than animals as presents in December;
  • Dogs in hot cars – Spring/Summer;
  • April – National Pet Month, raising the awareness of responsible pet ownership;
  • Rabbit Awareness Week in June;
  • Halloween, Black Cats and Fireworks in late October/early November.

We will also be able to carry out workshops to individual classes or year groups, potentially in their PSHE or Citizenship sessions as some of these workshops are strongly linked to these.  We don’t charge for outreach workshops, but instead just ask that the school do some fundraising for Ferne (to raise a minimum of the normal workshop fee) such as a dress-down day.

Workshops available:

Responsibilities of owning a pet – before taking on a pet, making pupils aware of the level of commitment and responsibilities required to ensure that the pet is well looked after for the rest of its life.

Understanding animal’s welfare needs – what the five welfare needs of animals are, and how we can make sure we meet these so that our pets are well treated.

Choosing the most suitable pet – the importance of making careful and informed decisions when choosing to have a pet, and what pet that should be.

How to behave around dogs, cats and other animals – so that pupils can learn how to safely approach and act appropriately around dogs, cats and other animals.


Other Groups

We can come and do a visually aided presentation to any community group.  This could range from Women’s Institutes to Brownies and Beavers.

These talks include the history of Ferne and a virtual tour of the site and the animal residents.  There are plenty of fascinating facts, cute animal pictures, and eye opening stories about our animals too.

We are always happy to talk through your requirements so please give us a call on 01460 65214 or e-mail education@ferneanimalsanctuary.org for more details.


(Please note: No live animals are included in our visits.)

* Return travel over 10 miles will incur a charge of 40p per mile to cover travel costs, this can also be covered by fundraising for Ferne.