Breed: Lurcher

D.O.B: 03/12/2014

Sex: Female neutered

Temperament: Lively & affectionate

Weight: 23kg

Home I need:

I am a gorgeous girl who finds kennel life very stressful. Being a Sight Hound X i am extremely strong on lead at times and i have a high chase drive. I have lived with another Male sight hound in a recent foster home and my behaviour within the home is very good and calm. Originally from a Stray pound sadly my history is very limited so we can only share with you what the staff have found out about me during my time here at Ferne and within the Foster home. Due to the need for me to be rehomed to a specific type of home and with owners who are experienced with large Sight Hounds anyone interested in further information about me should please complete an online form and our Rehoming Co Ordinator will contact you in due course.


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