Breed: Lurcher

D.O.B: 03/12/2014

Sex: Female neutered

Temperament: Lively & affectionate

Weight: 23kg

Home I need:

This is Amber, an 8 – 9 year old Lurcher mix. who is desperately seeking her forever home. Amber is being cared for here at Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Somerset, where she has been in kennels since November 2021.

Originally from a Stray pound in Wales she arrived at Ferne covered in wounds and sores all over her body, and was a very sad and pitiful sight. It is unknown what happened to Amber, but since her arrival here at Ferne the kennel team have worked tirelessly to improve her bodily condition and have been working on her behaviour too.

Amber requires a home where she can have access to a fully secure garden / paddock area, this must be well fenced. She cannot live with cats at all, or any other types of small furry animal. With other dogs Amber appears to prefer the company of other Sight Hounds, in particular Males, so she may be able to share her new home with the right dog after meetings carried out at the Sanctuary. Amber loves playing with toys, she loves walks and she is an active and strong dog who best suits an active, dog experienced owner. She absolutely loves a sofa cuddle when in our Reception area for time out of her kennel and greets everyone she meets in a friendly and social manner. Amber has been in a Foster home during her time here and we do have valuable information as to how Amber coped in a home environment.

Amber LOVES toys!! She also LOVES treats, both of which will be hugely helpful with her on going training…She is very affectionate towards people and really does love a sofa cuddle and quiet time with a person.

If you live in a quiet, rural location, if you have experience with Lurchers / Greyhounds and if you are in a position where she would not be left alone for too long, we would love to hear from you….We would also consider offers of a FOSTER HOME for Amber too.

Could 2022 be this beautiful girls lucky year? Please do get in touch if you could help….


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