Dave and Luna

Breed: French Bull Dog

D.O.B: 30/01/2021

Sex: Male neutered

Temperament: Dave is a friendly chap, he doesn't like being alone - Luna is an anxious girl who needs the company of Dave - her D-O-B is 08/05/2020 and she is Spayed.

Home we need:

This pair of French Bull Dogs are hoping to find a new loving home together. They are a sweet little pair of dogs and Luna does really take comfort from having Dave around.

Ideally they need a quiet home, no other dogs or cats, minimal time alone and with a secure garden area. An Adult home would be best as they can be quite sensitive. They enjoy playing with toys and like their walks. A home in a quiet area and with not too much in the way of passing dogs and loud children will be great.

Luna can be shy at times and needs to be handled gently at all times, as she doesn’t like to be overwhelmed.

They are very clean little dogs and in the right home will no doubt make lovely little pets. Please do apply online if you could offer them the home they need.


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