Breed: Domestic Short Hair

D.O.B: 02/09/2013

Sex: Female

Temperament: A little timid but sweet

Home I need:

I’m a timid but sweet girly looking for a quiet home and in an area with very few other Cats. I have been very badly picked on by some Cats that lived near my last home so I had to be moved from the area – it was all very frightening for me but the lovely staff here at Ferne are helping me over come my fears. I do like my own space, a gentle chin scratch is nice but I am not a lap cat. I am happy to have company but I am best if just simply allowed to take my time to come over to you – Everything needs to be done slowly and at my pace. I can take a little while to trust new people and settle in to new environments. I do enjoy being outside and sometimes I will hunt too. Due to having the unfortunate experience of being bullied by other cats I am looking for a new home as the only Cat and no other pets please. Older children, teenage plus will also suit me best due to my timid nature.

I will require a litter tray in a quiet room or area of the house initially and my settling in period may be longer than other Cats due to my sensitive nature. If you feel you could offer me a loving home in a quiet, rural location please do contact the team here for a chat.


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