Breed: Birman

D.O.B: 15/03/2014

Sex: Female neutered

Temperament: Affectionate, sometimes a little needy

Home I need:

What a pretty girl Elsa is, she is a Birman and she will require a home with owners who ideally understand this breed or are prepared to do their research on all things Birman. Elsa will need a good grooming regime to keep her coat in tip top condition, at the moment we are gently grooming her to help with this. She can be picked up and is affectionate, she even likes to be cradled like a baby when she is fully relaxed.

Elsa is looking for a home as the only cat and with patient, gentle new owners who wont over whelm her and will do things at her pace to build her trust and allow her to settle into a new home. Children should be over 12 years of age and able to follow advice in regards to how to interact with Elsa so she isn’t frightened. She will initially need minimal handling and a gentle approach, she isn’t a cat to be rushed.

Eventually she will like to have access outside once fully settled in the home.

Do you have the home Elsa would thrive in? Please apply online…


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