Breed: Greyhound

D.O.B: 12/11/2016

Sex: Male neutered

Temperament: Friendly but wary

Weight: 34kg

Home I need:

I am a sweet boy who just wants to be your best friend, but I can be wary of strangers as I haven’t been treated well in the past and need to learn to trust humans again, so I am looking for a quiet adult only home. I am sociable and like affection when I feel like it, but I am not used to children and I can be a little reactive towards other dogs, so will need further socialisation to help me over come this, and will also need to be the only pet in your home. I am an ex-racing greyhound, so there is still a lot I need to learn about the world, I can be possessive over toys and may have the odd accident in the home at first. I walk well on the lead but can be strong when I see something fun to chase. I am a lovely lad who is just looking for a little love, and patient people who will show me how to get on in the world.


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