Breed: Greyhound

D.O.B: 21/06/2018

Sex: Male

Temperament: A sensitive and shy boy

Weight: 29kg

Home I need:

My Name is Jack, and i am an ex racing Greyhound. I am a new arrival at Ferne and i would ideally like to be rehomed with my pal Fly as we do get on well together.

I am initially very shy and need time to build trust in new people, having Fly around helps me cope with day to day life and once i know you i am a loving, sweet chap. I am nice on a lead, i too really like tasty tit bits like sausage, gravy bones and schmacko’s. I could potentially live with children over 8 years of age after introductions carried out at Ferne.

Like Fly i will need to wear a Greyhound muzzle when out on my walks, but i am used to this. I am good with other dogs generally but i too do like the company of my own kind…Us Sight Hounds like to stick together. I have prior experience of living in a house and i am house trained and also good in a car too.

If you think you could offer us a loving home together please do get in touch with the lovely team here at Ferne..We cant wait to see you.


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