Breed: Domestic Long Hair

D.O.B: 20/08/2015

Sex: Female neutered

Temperament: Very affectionate, friendly girl

Home I need:

What can we say about Lola other than she is just so lovely,

She is a very affectionate, friendly cat, she loves attention and company and will be best suited to a home where people are home alot, either working from home or retired, as she will not be happy on her own for long hours. Lola is a homely cat by choice, she will like the choice of outside access once fully settled but you may find she likes being in, Therefore an indoor litter tray and cat scratch post / enrichment items will be required to allow her to exhibit normal cat behaviours appropriately.

Lola may be able to live with another suitable cat, we feel she shouldn’t live with a dog. She could live with children.

She does need to watch her waist line, and will often beg for food so this is an area to be mindful of in the new home.

If you could offer this real little sweetie a new loving home please apply online…


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