Breed: Staffordshire Bull terrier x Breed

D.O.B: 04/04/2020

Sex: Female neutered

Temperament: Sensitive nature, can be anxious, playful and loving

Weight: 11KG

Home I need:

This little beauty is Maeve. She is looking for a home in a quiet, rural location, away from busy roads and over populated doggie walking area’s. She is a sensitive soul and requires a patient, dog experienced owner who will work with her and be willing and able to follow our advice in regard to helping Maeve start a new life in a new home. Maeve knows lot so commands and is very clever at doing tricks too.

She should ideally live as the only pet, but a very calm, gentle and social doggy pal might be possible after good introductions carried out here at Ferne. She will require a secure garden to play in, ideally we are looking for an adult home (teenage children could be considered after meetings at Ferne). She will need to have someone around for the best part of the day and who will be willing to help Maeve cope when she has to be left alone.

If you can provide her the home we are looking for and have the time to commit to a behavioural support plan in the new home please apply online and we will be in touch.


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