Breed: DLH

D.O.B: 25/01/2020

Sex: Female neutered

Temperament: Inquisitive and Outdoorsy

Home I need:

Olive hasn’t had much luck finding her forever home, she has come into our care via another rescue. She is a gorgeous girl who is very active and inquisitive.

She is a chatty lady especially when she’s on an adventure in the great outdoors, she does have a high hunting drive which potential adopters should be aware of. When she’s not out and about, she likes to snooze in a nice warm spot in the sun.

Olive is very friendly, loves a groom and is affectionate around you. She is also happy in her own company often exploring outside. For this reason we feel Olive should be ok being left while the owner/s are at work, but she must have access to a garden through a cat flap.

Olive has lived with children and we feel she’d be better suited living with older children. She’ll also need to be the only pet in the household as she is happier this way.

If you can offer Olive her forever home please do apply online and we will be happy to talk with you….


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