Rocko and Teddy

Breed: Pug and British Bulldog

D.O.B: 08/06/2017 and 08/11/2022

Sex: Male and Male

Temperament: Friendly, sweet, cuddly

Weight: 9KG AND 19KG

Home we need:

This is Rocko and Teddy we are looking to rehome this  adorable pair together if we can as they are best friends and will share/sleep together. They are both great with kids from 1 years old upwards, house trained, use to being left 3/4 hours, both travel well in a car, both walk nicely on lead and we are friendly with other dogs on/off lead. Teddy has good recall off lead but Rocko still needs further help with this. They are both use to cats and will even both share a bed with one. If you can give this adorable pair a second chance please apply online.

awaiting a full vet health check.

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