Breed: Welsh Pony and Welsh Pony

D.O.B: 06/02/1999 and 2004

Sex: Gelding and Gelding

Personality: Sox is the sweetest pony who loves nothing more than being pampered. Ginger is a true Welsh A type, he is a little suspicious of new people but is bright as a button and learns very quickly. He gets confidence from his good friend Sox.

Height: 13hh

Home we need:

These ponies really need to find a retirement/pet home together where they can just relax and be loved in their twilight years.  They have lived together for so many years, it would be heartbreaking to split them up at this stage in their lives.  They will live out quite happily, year round as long as they have shelter.  Despite being native types, these old boys will feel the cold so do get rugged.  They are equally as happy to come in if needed, Ginger will need soaked hay and a shavings bed due to dust intolerance.  Aside from that, neither pony has any health issues.  They are both good for the vet and farrier and generally all round straight forward ponies.

These ponies are alot of fun and still have so much to give, they would absolutely thrive with some one to one love and attention in a home.


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