Breed: German Shepherd Dog

D.O.B: 02/06/2019

Sex: Female neutered

Temperament: Adorable but very lively

Weight: 35kg

Home I need:

I am a beautiful young lady who is looking for a home with an owner who is home most of the day for company as I would be miserable being left on my own. I am also looking for an experienced strong energetic owner who is used to my breed and has a lot of time and patience to give me the training and attention I need. I am good with other dogs and have been socialised with children but, due to my guarding nature an adult only pet free home would be best for me. I love human company and love my ball even more, but can be possessive so will need to learn how to share! I would be most suited to a home in the country with lots of land for me to run around on. I am fine to travel in the car and am house trained, but will need a little more lead & recall training. Are you that special person who can give me another chance in life and a cosy sofa to cuddle up on?


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