William & Tobias

Breed: Ragdoll/Maine Coon x

D.O.B: 03/07/2011

Sex: Male neutered and Male neutered

Temperament: Friendly

Weight: 6kg

Home we need:

We are absolutely adorable middle aged gentlemen who are looking for a new home together as we are brothers and, although we have different characters and don’t always enjoy one another’s company, we do love one another and even occasionally share a bed! William is more homely and really loves human attention and will sit on your lap, whereas Tobias is more adventurous and enjoys being outside exploring, he can also be a little nervous until he gets to know you. We need an owner who has the time to spend grooming us to ensure that our coats are kept in good condition, as well as giving us both the attention we crave. We are looking for a quieter home with owners who are home a lot, and without young children or other pets.


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