Our Animals for Sponsorship


At Ferne we have over three-hundred resident animals that need life-long care.

Your sponsorship means we can feed, care for and provide further enrichment for our much-loved residents.

Animal Sponsorships not only make a unique and thoughtful gift, but they also make a real difference to your animal and all the others in our care. These much loved sponsorships are great for Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary or quirky wedding gifts. If you know someone who loves animals, but don’t have the space or time to look after one, our animal sponsorships are the next best thing! Sponsorships are also great as a lovely treat to yourself.

There are 3 different tiers to our Sponsorship packages: Paw, Trotter and Hoof. All packages have both a printed and digital option, making them great for last-minute gifts as well as being more sustainable and environmentally friendly. There are also children’s sponsorships designed specifically for little ones with a love for animals. This means that everyone can enjoy supporting us in caring for our 300+ animals at Ferne. See below for what each pack includes.


  • Personalised sponsorship certificate, photo and message from your animal, fun fact sheet about your animal, free One Day Pass to visit the Sanctuary.
  • Activity pack included for Children’s sponsorship pack.
  • Available through one-off purchase or monthly direct debit.
  • £30 for digital download £36 for posted pack or monthly direct debit of £3 per month.


  • Includes the above for either adult or child plus option to meet your sponsored animal.
  • Available by one-off purchase only.
  • For 7+ years only.
  • £50 for digital download or posted pack


  • Includes the above plus option of morning or afternoon ‘farm experience’ with our experienced Animal Care team.
  • Available by one-off purchase only.
  • Available for 18+ only.
  • £70 for digital download or posted pack.

All sponsorships will receive a copy of our @FERNE magazine 3 times a year as well as email updates on your sponsored animal.  Please note if purchasing sponsorship by Direct Debit, your pack will be sent upon receipt of the first payment. Sponsorship packs are posted to UK addresses only, however digital packs can be emailed for you to download and print at home.