Discovering Dragonflies Project

In June 2018 Ferne received a grant from The National Lottery of £8,700 for our “Discovering Dragonflies” project, an exciting new natural heritage project that aims to educate and inspire. Dragonflies have been around since before the first dinosaurs; they are beautiful, inquisitive, incredibly aerobatic, and territorial – basically great to watch.  This is why we chose dragonflies as the project theme – they are perfectly suited for generating inspiration for, educating about, and raising awareness of our natural heritage.

As well as having several large ponds and many resident dragonflies, Ferne is also undertaking this project because caring for wild habitats and the species that live in them is closely linked to caring for pets – both thrive if we provide the right conditions for them and meet their needs.

The  project will offer free dragonfly themed activities and workshops to raise awareness and improve conservation of these amazing creatures, culminating in a celebration event on September 15th 2019 . See the Dragonfly Events & News page for more details of what has been going on and is coming up.

There are some pictures of dragonflies and dragonfly events on our Instagram  site, please feel free to send any of your own dragonfly related pictures and we can put some up on this site and they also may be included in the photographic exhibition as part of the Discovering Dragonflies celebration event on Sunday 15th September.