Sponsor an animal today

At Ferne we have over three-hundred resident animals which need life-long care.

Your sponsorship means we can feed, look after and provide further enrichment for our much-loved residents.

Sponsor an animal’s home

Every animal deserves a warm, comfortable home whether it’s a stable or a hutch. Each year we must invest thousands of pounds into improving or replacing our animal accommodation.

Your sponsorship helps us to provide the highest levels of care.


Sponsorship as a gift

Why don’t you make a gift of your sponsorship?  Choose what you would like to sponsor, animal or home, and give it to the person who has everything!  Or treat yourself, or a child – you’ll feel great and our animals will be happy and content.

For more information please contact the fundraising team on 01460 65214 or frm@ferneanimalsanctuary.org