Ferne Animal Sanctuary countryside view

On this page we invite you to share memories of your beloved pets.


Maybe they came from Ferne, or loved visiting the sanctuary, or maybe they were just your best friend. Whatever their past, we hope this will be a loving and meaningful way to remember them. You will also find some of our beloved residents who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. 

Here at Ferne we understand the bond between pet and owner, and how difficult it can be when you lose your beloved animal. That’s why we have set up our own dedication page, where you can leave a tribute of your special friend to share memories of your time together.

You can also chose to leave a donation with your tribute, which will go towards ensuring the best quality of life for the animals with us here at Ferne.

To leave a tribute on our Pet Memories dedication page, click here.


Thank you for your kind support.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary countryside view