Our dogs

Jill & Floss

Breed : Border Collie and Border Collie

D.O.B : 22/03/2012 and 22/03/2009

Sex : Female and Female

Weight: 16kg

Temperament : Timid but affectionate!

Home we need :

We are the sweetest of dogs who are looking for a special home with a very patient owner who has previous experience of Border collies. We were taken into Ferne after our owner sadly passed away, so are quite bewildered at the moment. We have lived in a kennel outside all ours lives so will need house training, we will also need an owner who can help us gain in confidence to be happy walking on a lead as we are not used to this either.  We have led a fairly independent life up to now and haven’t had any experience with other dogs apart from the other collies on the farm and we are not used to living with cats or children, so a home without them would be best. We will also need regular grooming in order to keep our coats in good condition. Are you that special person who can give us a second chance in life?


Breed : Border Collie

D.O.B : 01/09/2020

Sex : Male

Temperament : Timid but adorable

Home I need :

I am a lovely dog who is looking for an active life and lots of physical and mental stimulation to prevent me getting bored! I am still young so will need some basic obedience training training and, once old enough would love to do agility or fly ball. I can be nervous around other dogs and am too boisterous towards cats, I am also very timid of new people, so am looking for an experienced adult only home with owners who have plenty of time and patience to give me the love and attention I need. I am doing well with my house training but I will need more practice with this in the home, and I still puppy chew so I will need someone with the patience to understand that I am still very young and have a lot to learn!


Breed : Labrador x Collie

D.O.B : 04/09/2016

Sex : Female

Temperament : Timid but very sweet

Home I need :

I am a really sweet but frightened girl who is looking for a new home with another dog to help build my confidence, and an owner is home most of the day. I am scared and a little shut down from the world as I haven’t had much love or positive interaction from humans. I spent the first 4 years of my life in a puppy farm so haven’t experienced much of a ‘normal’ life, so will need an owner who has a lot of time, patience and understanding in order to help me adjust as I am just getting used to walking on the lead, and (once settled) I will need a lot of socialising with new people and situations.  I am house trained and, although I need to be carried into the car, I am fine travelling. I do suffer from separation anxiety and am frightened of loud noises so a quieter rural home without children would suit me best. Are you that special person who will love me and give me a chance of happiness?


Clover & Katie

Breed : Greyhounds

D.O.B : 04/03/2016 and 21/02/2018

Sex : Male neutered and Female neutered

Weight: 36kg & 26kg

Temperament : Adorable & fun!

Home we need :

Although not related, it was love at first sight when we met at Ferne during Lockdown and have been inseparable ever since, so are looking for a new home together. We have never had a loving owner or a place to call home as we have lived in kennels all our lives, so would love to find an owner who will give us the home comforts we have never had before. We are fine with other dogs when on the lead but are too boisterous when off, and we will chase cats & small furries. We would be suited to a home with space to run around and play together, and also to have a sofa to lounge around on! We are very sweet dogs who really enjoy having lots of cuddles, but also have a naughty but fun side and we guarantee that you’ll always be entertained with us in your lives!  Are you that special person who can give us a chance to find happiness and a life that we have never had before?


Breed : German Shepherd Dog

D.O.B : 02/06/2019

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 35kg

Temperament : Adorable but very lively

Home I need :

I am a beautiful young lady who is looking for a home with an owner who is home most of the day for company as I would be miserable being left on my own. I am also looking for an experienced strong energetic owner who is used to my breed and has a lot of time and patience to give me the training and attention I need. I am good with other dogs and have been socialised with children but, due to my guarding nature an adult only pet free home would be best for me. I love human company and love my ball even more, but can be possessive so will need to learn how to share! I would be most suited to a home in the country with lots of land for me to run around on. I am fine to travel in the car and am house trained, but will need a little more lead & recall training. Are you that special person who can give me another chance in life and a cosy sofa to cuddle up on?