Our dogs


Breed : Terrier X Breed

D.O.B : 01/03/2011

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 10kg

Temperament : Delightful older boy

Home I need :

This is Copper, he is new to Ferne. He will be looking for a quiet retirement home with an owner who is around alot during the day as he loves company. He cannot live with Cats.

Copper will be having his vet check this week so if you are looking for an older quieter dog with a lovely nature please do apply online and we will would love to tell you more about him.


Breed : Rhodesian Ridgeback X Breed

D.O.B : 14/04/2019

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 34kg

Temperament : A very sensitive girl, loyal, playful

Home I need :

This beautiful big girl is Soya, she is a Rhodesian Ridgeback X Breed.

Soya is a very loyal dog once bonded to her owners and she is playful and affectionate.

She will ideally require a home in a rural setting as she also has some noise sensitivities such as Fireworks, Thunder, busy environments. Soya will suit a calm home with kind and consistant new owners who are prepared to work with Soya and help her settle in and live a happy life. She needs a home as the only dog. (She may be able to share a suitable home with a Male dog that is social and not too small) Soya very much wants to please and enjoys both verbal and physical praise, as well as lovely treats. Soya doesn’t like being left alone and this is an area that will require support in a new home.

She will require a good amount of daily exercise to keep her happy and she is used to freedom and space, so a large enclosed garden is essential. She has been around children in the past and we feel children over 10 years would suit. She enjoys walks near water in the countryside or at the coast. Soya does love balls and loves to run off lead in our secure fields, playing fetch. She is a big gentle giant at heart and a very loving girl.

Soya will mix with other dogs but it needs to be done sensibly, she has alot of very good, reliable history that her previous owners gave to us and we can share this with any potential new owners.

She really is a lovely dog, she already has an excellent level of basic obedience too and is very responsive to those people whom she has a good bond with…Please do apply online and if we feel your offer of a home is a good match, we can arrange for you to come and meet Soya, once you meet her you will love her.



Breed : Labrador X Breed

D.O.B : 03/09/2019

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 26kg

Temperament : Sweet natured fun loving girl easily worried by new things

Home I need :

This is Luna, it can take her a little bit of time to feel fully comfortable with new people, but once she does she will shower you in kisses for sure. She is a very amusing girl and makes everyone smile here at Ferne with her exuberant nature and her bouncing around the fields antics. She loves to be out in the fields running and bouncing about in sheer joy.

Luna is best suited to a home with no other dogs, no small pets and a home without any children. A quiet, rural, semi rural home with owners who are at home alot of the day. Luna has had little socialisation with other dogs and therefore can be reactive when meeting them on lead. She has made friends with several dogs here at Ferne but can be over enthusiastic and needs to develop her social skills further.

Luna will need further guidance on how to cope when meeting new people and new dogs, so full on going support will be given from Ferne to her new family. Luna really is an absolute sweetie and if you enjoy country walks and bouncing around fields she is just the dog for you.

Please apply online if you could offer her the home she craves.


Breed : Border Collie

D.O.B : 13/01/2011

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 21kg

Temperament : Older girl who is friendly, but can be a little worried by men

Home I need :

Mabel is very new to Ferne.

She came in with Shadow.

She is awaiting a full vet check. She does have impaired vision due to age related changes in her eyes.

A home with no young children will be required.

More details soon.


Breed : X Breed

D.O.B : 15/02/2022

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 30kg

Temperament : A sensitive boy who really prefers a quiet life

Home I need :

Originally from Hungary as a puppy, Dexter has spent most of his life in rescue. He had little socialisation until he came to Ferne and so found the outside world quite daunting. However he has grown in confidence since arriving with us and is now looking for someone who can continue his education in the big wide world.

Dexter loves other dogs and enjoys a good run around with them. He is so gentle with timid or less confident dogs and knows exactly how to support them when they are worried. Dexter does need to live with another dog (or two) as he takes confidence from them, and this will help him become more settled in every day life. A rural, quiet home is essential for this special boy as he still has alot to learn about life. He may be able to live with older children but not young ones as he would find them over whelming.

You will need to visit the sanctuary a few times to spend time with Dexter, and get to know him before he could go off to his new home. This process will greatly benefit him and any new owners, and it will let Dexter gain his trust in his new family before leaving us for his forever home.

Please do consider this special boy and apply online today.


Breed : X Breed

D.O.B : 15/02/2022

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 33kg

Temperament : A sensitive but happy big boy who is full of mischief

Home I need :

Louis arrived in the UK from Hungary as a puppy and had little socialisation before he came to us. It took a few months before he was able to trust the people caring for him. But now he is much more confident, and whilst still wary of new people, Louis enjoys the fuss from those he trusts. One of his favourite pastimes is running around the fields with his doggie friends. However he is never far away from his people and happily comes to you when he is called.

Louis needs a rural home with a calm, mature dog who can further help him develop his social skills. He will need a lot of support when he leaves Ferne and goes off to his new home, so it will be ideal that his new owners are around alot. As he settles and his confidence grows he will then be able to be gradually be left alone. Louis has no experience of young children so he is best suited to a home with children over the age of 12 years and who are gentle around dogs.

Louis can sometimes be lead reactive towards other dogs, this is something we can help with and advise on. Access to private fields or a dog paddock will be ideal. When off lead with a dog Louis is much happier and more confident , even becoming a little over enthusiastic at times. If you would like to meet Louis you will be invited to visit him a few times so you can get to know each other before taking him home. He is an absolute sweet heart and a big kind boy.

Please do apply online if you could offer him the home he so deserves.


Breed : Collie X Breed

D.O.B : 29/11/2019

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 21kg

Temperament : Friendly boy with people and other dogs

Home I need :

Shadow is very new to Ferne, he came in with Mabel.

He is awaiting a full vet check.

More details about him soon.


Breed : Lurcher

D.O.B : 03/06/2018

Sex : Male

Weight: 20kg

Temperament : Anxious and worried boy

Home I need :

This is Tyson and he really needs a new home as soon as possible and with a nice social dog of similar size as he hates being alone. Tyson will need a longer than normal settling in period and he needs to gain body weight and condition too.

He is a stressed chap in our kennels and cries alot of the time. He is shy with people and will need a calm and gentle approach. A home with no children and no cats is what we are looking for.

He will need a secure garden space, and he will need gradually getting used to going in a car as he is worried by travel at the moment. Tyson cannot be left alone as he becomes distressed so a home where this wont happen very often is essential for him and his well being.

If you love Lurchers and think you could offer him the home he deserves,  please apply online.


Breed : Terrier x breed

D.O.B : 11/03/2019

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 5kg

Temperament : Lively and busy, can be a little worried by some unfamiliar people

Home I need :

This is little Eva. She will need a quiet home with a secure garden. She is a lively little soul who will require an active home. No young children. No Cats in the home either.

Eva does suffer with ear problems and this will need on going care in the new home. She is nervous at the vets.

She may be best in a home as the only dog as she does like all the attention for herself. She will mix with dogs when out but can be a little vocal at times. She is a very energetic little dog and will require a good amount of walking and on going training. She can be a little wary and vocal towards unfamiliar people, but soon settles as long as she isnt overwhelmed.

Eva will travel in a car well and she is housetrained but definately prefers to toilet herself on grass not concrete.

If you could offer Eva a quiet home please apply online.


Breed : Terrier x breed

D.O.B : 15/06/2022

Sex : Female

Weight: 11kg

Temperament : Lively and energetic

Home I need :

This is Daisey, she needs a home with another suitable doggy pal as she is happier with a canine companion.

Daisey is quite new to Ferne and will need to be Spayed soon. She is a lively, energetic Terrier x breed who needs an active home with no children or visiting children. She is house trained and enjoys going in a car. Being a young active Terrier type she needs a secure garden space and will need further training such as re call and lead walking. Daisey really does not like being left alone and this will need new owners to help her with, she may be happier with a settled doggie friend in the home. If no other dog in the home people who will be able to work with Daisey on this area and not leave her alone for very long at all.

She is a real character and very active and energetic. She will love long walks and trips out.

If you have an adult home and think she may be the dog for you please apply online.


Breed : Border Collie

D.O.B : 11/04/2016

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 25kg

Temperament : Strong willed, lively,

Home I need :

This is Blue, he is a young active Collie looking for a rural and quiet home.

Blue will require experienced Collie people, a home without any children, rural setting ideally and he could possibly live with another dog, but he is more comfortable around Female dogs. He will need a fully secure garden area. Blue has been well behaved since arrival into our care, he does have some behavioural issues that we would want to discuss with any interested potential new owners prior to meeting him.

He enjoys walks and playing with toys. He is good with dogs but prefers Female dogs. He has lived successfully with Cats in the past and with the correct settling in period and calm introductions he may be able to do so again.

Please apply online and find out more about this handsome boy…


Breed : Patterdale x JRT

D.O.B : 06/06/2023

Sex : Female

Temperament : Lively, Energetic, Busy Busy Busy

Home I need :

Rosie is new to Ferne and in foster with a staff member at this time.

She will need an experienced home, ideally with people who have had and understand Terriers.

She is due a vet check soon. She will need to be Spayed when old enough.

She will need very good amounts of training now to prevent problems developing as she matures. This will be an essential part of her on going settling in.