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Breed : shihtzu

D.O.B : 22/12/2021

Sex : Male

Weight: 3.5kg

Temperament : friendly typical puppy

Home I need :

I am handsome young pup looking for a home with an owner who is home most of the time to positively input into my on going training and socialisation. I can be nervous sometimes meeting new people so this will need to be done gradually. I will need an owner who will fully insure me as I have a cleft lip so may need a lot of veterinary care in my lifetime. my diet is meat only and soft treats only as i cannot have dry biscuits as the dust would get into my lungs. I am not quite house trained yet so this will need further training. My recall will need work as I have never been off lead before. I am very well behaved in the office at Ferne during the day and I’m learning to be clean, settle calmly and quietly around people. I will require positive puppy training both indoor and outdoors. children should be around 10 years old and I could live with a gentle friendly dog or possibly a cat. owners  must be prepared for and able to afford veterinary care in the future. I really am the most loving little chap and I have so much potential in the right home. Please get in touch if you feel you could offer me the home I truly do deserve.


Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier

D.O.B : 01/09/2015

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 29 kg (overweight)

Temperament : Very friendly & affectionate

Home I need :

I am a handsome boy and I am full of energy and love to play ball and go for long walks in the countryside. I am strong on the lead so will need further on going lead training. I am friendly with other dogs off lead but sometimes bark when I am on the lead. I would need a home where I am the only dog, as I love to have all of the attention to myself and sit on a nice comfy arm chair. I can be boisterous and I will chase cats. But I love playing ball, travelling in the car and I am house trained. Having been at Ferne for some time and watching all the other doggies go off to their new loving homes I wonder when my day will come? My new owners will need to be around a lot during the day to help me settle in and build up my time alone very slowly as I do get bored easily. If you could offer a fun loving, playful, energetic boy like me a loving new home please do get in touch soon.


Breed : Border Collie

D.O.B : 08/03/2018

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 30kg (bit of a plump girl!)

Temperament : Active and Clever

Home I need :

This is Bella, a beautiful Border Collie who is looking for an active home in a rural location. She is a very strong dog so will require on going further training (to include further work on a good recall) and she definitely needs a secure garden space to play in. Bella absolutely loves playing fetch with a ball, she loves water and will splash about to her hearts content. She doesn’t like busy roads or being near cars or motor bikes so if we can rehome her to a quiet, rural location where owners can devote time to her training but don’t need to walk in busy locations, then this will be the preferred setting for Bella. She mixes with other dogs and may share a new home with another dog if the match is right and we carry out introductions here at Ferne prior to adoption. Children would need to be older so we feel 10 years plus would be best. Bella really enjoys going on a trip in the car and would love to go on outings to the beach where she can run and play with her ball once her training has been worked on. She is a smashing dog and if you can provide an active home and have time to devote to her further training we would love to hear from you.


Breed : German Shepherd

D.O.B : 01/06/2019

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 31kg

Temperament : Initially a bit shy on meeting new people

Home I need :

I am a really sweet girl, but initially I can be a little shy on meeting new people. I will need time and patience to help me settle in but once I get to know you I’ll be your best friend. I am good with small dogs off lead but I will bark at larger dogs as they scare me. I have lived with children of 3yrs before, I am house trained and have good recall but I will chase cats. I will need help with getting used to traveling in the car as I find it a little stressful and do get a bit sick if it’s a long journey. I’ll happily live with a small male dog or as the only dog – But I will need an active owner who ideally has had experience with larger breed dogs in the past as I am a very strong girl and will require sensible exercising. Recent X Rays have shown that I do have Hip Displasia which can currently be managed well with Yumove tablets and no over exertion.  A secure garden area will be essential as I love to lie out in the sunshine on warm days and relax. If you love German Shepherds or larger breed dogs and feel you could offer Kenzi the right home environment we are looking for please do complete an online form and we will be happy to talk more.


Breed : Lurcher

D.O.B : 03/08/2017

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 25kg

Temperament : Friendly & affectionate

Home I need :

I am a really lovely lad who is looking for an owner with plenty of time to give me the attention I miss as I was sadly abandoned by my previous owner. I am very friendly and love human attention, but unfortunately the staff here don’t know anything about my background before I came to Ferne.. I am good with other dogs but will chase cats and I am not sure about children, so a home with older children would be best. I am very nice to walk on a lead, I wear a Lurcher muzzle quite happily when the need arises and I really enjoy being out on walks where I can potter along beside my person. Being a Lurcher I do obviously have an instinctive drive when it comes to small furries, so my owners must be careful here. A secure garden with a nice sunny spot would make me very happy. Why not fill in an online form and find out more about me.


Breed : Lurcher

D.O.B : 03/12/2014

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 23kg

Temperament : Lively & affectionate

Home I need :

Amber is a gorgeous girl who finds kennel life very stressful. Being a large Sight Hound X she is extremely strong on lead at times and has a high chase drive. She has recently been fostered to give her a break from kennels and she was a very good girl within the house. Originally from a Stray pound sadly her history is very limited so we can only share with you what the staff have found out about her during her time here at Ferne and within the Foster home. Amber will be best placed with a owner who has no other pets or other dogs within the home. She will require a very secure exercise area and would benefit from off lead play time at one of the many dog safe fields that are now provided in many area’s for a small fee. People who wont leave her alone for too long and can work with her and give her time to settle in at her pace would be best. She is a very loving girl with a big personality. Due to the need for Amber to be rehomed to a specific type of home and with owners who are experienced with large Sight Hounds/ Large breed dogs anyone interested in further information about her should please complete an online form and our Rehoming Co Ordinator will contact you in due course. It will be helpful for any new owners to spend time with Amber at Ferne and be happy to visit at least 3 times to help form a bond and help with her transition to a new loving home.


Breed : Lurcher

D.O.B : 17/03/2017

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 24kg

Temperament : Lovely and friendly

Home I need :

I am a lovely, gentle boy who is looking for a second chance. I could live with or without another dog and I am good with other dogs out and about.  I am very friendly with people I meet but being a Lurcher I have a very high prey drive so I am not good with cats and will need to be kept on a lead in public places and wear my Lurcher muzzle. I really love travelling in the car and I am house trained.  I’m only used to being left for 1-2 hours so an owner who will be able to devote time to me and help me settle in gradually will be best. Everyone says I am such a nice chap and that I am very affectionate. A secure garden is essential for me with good fencing all round. My re call does need further work and I should only be let off lead in fully secure grounds such as the doggy exercise fields that people take their dogs to for a small fee nowadays – I would love this. Looking for a Lurcher with lots of love to give? Then look no further……


Breed : Springer Spaniel x

D.O.B : 12/05/2019

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 20kg

Temperament : Sweet and friendly

Home I need :

Do you love Spaniels? Are you active and do you enjoy going for long walks in the countryside? If so Eddie could be the dog for you. Eddie is a 3 year old Spaniel x breed. He is full of energy and very busy. He has lived with other dogs in the past and may be able to do so again with the right dogs. He would chase a Cat so needs a Cat free home. Eddie loves to play and he absolutely loves to sniff and explore new places. He will require some further positive training to help him walk nicely on a lead but he is very keen to learn and really loves treats, so training shouldn’t be too tricky. Eddie may initially be a little worried by meeting new or unfamiliar people so he will require understanding new owners who will help him in these situations. He is also in need of a secure garden so he will have space to relax and play in at home. Travelling in a car is something Eddie is familiar with. If he were to go to a home as the only dog he will need a gradual build up to being left alone as he has lived with a number of other dogs in the past, but with a careful routine he should settle over time. If you like the sound of Eddie why not fill in an online form and we can tell you more.


Breed : Cocker Spaniel

D.O.B : 02/07/2019

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 15kg

Temperament : Friendly and lively

Home I need :

I am a lively boy who is looking for an owner to give me plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.  I’m friendly meeting new people but can be reactive on lead when meeting new dogs.  It would be best if there wasn’t another dog in the home as I like all the attention for myself and would get jealous if I lived with them.  I am house trained but my recall still needs work as I can be easily distracted.  I will chase cats and livestock when outside so a home without them nearby be be best. I will need help to continue my socialising with other dogs whilst out and about, could you help me??