Our dogs

Billy (in foster)

Breed : Terrier

D.O.B : 28/08/2007

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 7kg

Temperament : Friendly & Fun

Home I need :

I am a sweet elderly dog who is looking for a new home after my owner sadly passed away. I am quite happy with my other dogs but will stick up for myself if needed, and I will chase cats if they run!  I need a quiet home without young children as my previous owner believes that I have been treated badly in the past, as I don’t like people wearing boots and if feet come too close to my head I can react. I am quite a character and love playing and learning new tricks, but I don’t like to be left on my own for too long and I can be quite protective of my owner.  Even though I am an older boy, I am quite happy going for a hike as well as having a gentle stroll in the countryside. I do have allergies which affects my skin, please contact the Sanctuary for more information on this.

Clover & Katie

Breed : Greyhounds

D.O.B : 04/03/2016 and 21/02/2018

Sex : Male neutered and Female neutered

Weight: 36kg & 26kg

Temperament : Adorable & fun!

Home we need :

Although not related, it was love at first sight when we met at Ferne during Lockdown and have been inseparable ever since, so are looking for a new home together. We have never had a loving owner or a place to call home as we have lived in kennels all our lives, so would love to find an owner who will give us the home comforts we have never had before. We are fine with other dogs when on the lead but are too boisterous when off, and we will chase cats & small furries. We would be suited to a home with space to run around and play together, and also to have a sofa to lounge around on! We are very sweet dogs who really enjoy having lots of cuddles, but also have a naughty but fun side and we guarantee that you’ll always be entertained with us in your lives!  Are you that special person who can give us a chance to find happiness and a life that we have never had before?


Breed : Greyhound

D.O.B : 12/11/2016

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 34kg

Temperament : Friendly but wary

Home I need :

I am a sweet boy who just wants to be your best friend, but I can be wary of strangers as I haven’t been treated well in the past and need to learn to trust humans again, so I am looking for a quiet adult only home. I am sociable and like affection when I feel like it, but I am not used to children and I can be a little reactive towards other dogs, so will need further socialisation to help me over come this, and will also need to be the only pet in your home. I am an ex-racing greyhound, so there is still a lot I need to learn about the world, I can be possessive over toys and may have the odd accident in the home at first. I walk well on the lead but can be strong when I see something fun to chase. I am a lovely lad who is just looking for a little love, and patient people who will show me how to get on in the world.

Pip & Bobby (in foster)

Breed : Beagle x fox terrier and Beagle

D.O.B : 16/07/2014 and 31/01/17

Sex : Female neutered and Male neutered

Temperament : Energetic, playful & affectionate

Home we need :

We are lovely dogs who are looking for a new home together as we are best friends, and Bobby gets very anxious if left on his own so needs Pip to keep him company whilst the humans are out. We need an energetic owner who is used to beagles and has the time to give us lots of exercise and attention, and also to help Bobby with his on-going training (which he loves). We love to be made a fuss of and we are good with children, other dogs and poultry, but we will chase cats. We are house trained and walk reasonably well off the lead, although Bobby can have the normal beagle trait that if he gets too far from his owner the nose engages and the ears turn off – but usually a cry of ‘biscuits’ along with the whistle and dog treats gets him straight back. Pip is fine travelling in the car, but Bobby can get a little car sick (but is fine if given a travel sickness pill beforehand), and we are not destructive in the home.