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Breed : Lurcher

D.O.B : 03/12/2014

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 23kg

Temperament : Lively & affectionate

Home I need :

This is Amber, an 8 – 9 year old Lurcher mix. who is desperately seeking her forever home. Amber is being cared for here at Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Somerset, where she has been in kennels since November 2021.

Originally from a Stray pound in Wales she arrived at Ferne covered in wounds and sores all over her body, and was a very sad and pitiful sight. It is unknown what happened to Amber, but since her arrival here at Ferne the kennel team have worked tirelessly to improve her bodily condition and have been working on her behaviour too.

Amber requires a home where she can have access to a fully secure garden / paddock area, this must be well fenced. She cannot live with cats at all, or any other types of small furry animal. With other dogs Amber appears to prefer the company of other Sight Hounds, in particular Males, so she may be able to share her new home with the right dog after meetings carried out at the Sanctuary. Amber loves playing with toys, she loves walks and she is an active and strong dog who best suits an active, dog experienced owner. She absolutely loves a sofa cuddle when in our Reception area for time out of her kennel and greets everyone she meets in a friendly and social manner. Amber has been in a Foster home during her time here and we do have valuable information as to how Amber coped in a home environment.

Amber LOVES toys!! She also LOVES treats, both of which will be hugely helpful with her on going training…She is very affectionate towards people and really does love a sofa cuddle and quiet time with a person.

If you live in a quiet, rural location, if you have experience with Lurchers / Greyhounds and if you are in a position where she would not be left alone for too long, we would love to hear from you….We would also consider offers of a FOSTER HOME for Amber too.

Could 2022 be this beautiful girls lucky year? Please do get in touch if you could help….


Breed : Lurcher

D.O.B : 17/03/2017

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 24kg

Temperament : Lovely and friendly

Home I need :

I am a lovely, gentle boy who is looking for a second chance. I could live with or without another dog and I am good with other dogs out and about.  I am very friendly with people I meet but being a Lurcher I have a very high prey drive so I am not good with cats and will need to be kept on a lead in public places and wear my Lurcher muzzle. I really love travelling in the car and I am house trained.  I’m only used to being left for 1-2 hours so an owner who will be able to devote time to me and help me settle in gradually will be best. Everyone says I am such a nice chap and that I am very affectionate. A secure garden is essential for me with good fencing all round. My re call does need further work and I should only be let off lead in fully secure grounds such as the doggy exercise fields that people take their dogs to for a small fee nowadays – I would love this. Looking for a Lurcher with lots of love to give? Then look no further……


Breed : Border Collie

D.O.B : 02/02/2011

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 22kg

Home I need :

I am a really sweet older lady who needs a quieter home with someone who is always around and would like some gentle walks and company.

I am extremely anxious if left, as I have always had my person with me. I also panic at the thought of going in the car.

I would be happy to live with another quiet dog (I am older than I look and have a bit of arthritis in my hips, so don’t need any young whipper snappers trying to make me play).

My new people will need some patience and understanding as I am grieving for my old owner. I may take a little time to get to know you. You will know when I am happy – I will bring you my ball.


Breed : French Bulldog

D.O.B : 20/06/2015

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 11kg

Home I need :

I am a sweet girl looking for a home without other dogs, as I can be reactive on/off lead when they get too close to me. However, I do respond well to treats as a distraction if other dogs are nearby.

I walk well on the lead and love being made a fuss of. I am house trained and clean in the kennels, and am ok being left on my own for 3 to 4 hours.

I currently have some health issues that come with my breed, and these will be discussed further by the rehoming team if you are interested in me. I am also currently being fed a Hypoallergenic diet.

If you are interested in rehoming me then please do get in touch.

Fifi & Sampson

Breed : Yorkshire Terriers

D.O.B : 01/03/2013 and 05/12/2010

Sex : Female and Male

Weight: 4.10kg

Home we need :

We are a sweet pair of older dogs looking for a home together. We came into Ferne as our owner sadly passed so we are a bit bewildered at the moment . We are fed on small biscuits and meat soaked as we don’t have many teeth left. We are both very friendly and love having a fuss/cuddle and also loved being groomed. Sampson’s eyes are both going cloudy, we are currently waiting for  our vet heath check ( this Wednesday) so we will have more information about our health.

We have previously lived with cats so this could potentially happen again in a new home. We can be reactive to other dogs when on a lead but become better once off lead as long as the other dog doesn’t get in our faces. We have socialised with quite young children but would be best suited to living with older children in the home.

We both have good recall off lead and like to follow each other when off, due to our age we only require short walks. We are both  house trained, clean in kennels over night and use to being left between 3/4 hours.

Could you give us a home to spend our last golden years together?


Breed : Lurcher

D.O.B : 17/09/2019

Sex : Male

Weight: 22.40Kg

Home I need :

I am a 3 year old male lurcher looking for a new home either with a female dog or own my own. I am good lead walking with male or females dogs but prefer female dogs when off lead. I can be reactive with other male dog whilst off lead. I am house trained and also clean over night in kennels.

Being a lurcher I have a high prey drive so a home with someone who is experienced in sight hounds is essential. I have previously lived with children 3years upwards and am ok being left for 5 hours, I will need a home without cats as I will chase. A secure garden is also essential as i can jump quite high. I have good recall off lead but will need to wear a muzzle when walking in built up areas.


Breed : Mastiff X Breed

D.O.B : 27/04/2021

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 47kg

Temperament : Very strong but soppy boy

Home I need :

This big handsome boy is Odin. A young, lively and very bouncy Mastiff X Breed. He requires an experienced large dog home with plenty of garden space and owners who wont leave him alone for too long as he does get upset when his people go out. He is dog social and could live with another dog as long as meetings are carried out at Ferne first. he cant live with Cats.

With children it is best Odin lives with children of 10 years and above due to his size and strength. Odin has a good range of basic obedience but this does need continuing and he does need a calm and confident owner who wont encourage too much rough play and boisterous interactions. He is very responsive for treats and toys and after a good run and an energy release he settles nicely on a comfy sofa. Odin really does need a stable home where he can relax and spend time with his owners the majority of the time. Helping Odin settle when left alone will be a big part of the initial settling in period.

He is a real favourite with the team at Ferne so if you have a love of big, soppy dogs please do get in touch soon, we would love to hear from you.



Breed : Minature Pinscher x Jack Russell

D.O.B : 02/12/2021

Sex : Male neutered

Home I need :

This is Biscuit, a very young and extremely energetic Terrier crossbreed. He is in our care as he was too much for the previous owner to cope with so we have taken him in to find him a new forever home. Biscuit does have some training needs and he will only suit a home where his owners have the time and patience to devote to these needs. He is very playful with toys and he loves tasty tit bits - Both of which will be really useful with his ongoing training. Biscuit can be very very vocal and reactive on lead towards other dogs - This will need careful and considerate handling and on going work in the new home. We can help any new owners with this and go through what is required, but it will take time. Biscuit cant live with young children and he cannot live with any small furrie pets or Cats. What would suit Biscuit the best is a home with a fully secure garden area in a location that doesn't have too many passing dogs and with owners who have Terrier experience and the time to devote to his needs. He is a very lively, sometimes very vocal little chap who is now needing the stability of a loving new home to spend the rest of his days. At this stage we wouldn't place him to live with another dog as he isn't ready but this may be possible in the future depending on how his training goes. If you are looking for a fun, lively and playful young Terrier who also loves a cuddle on the sofa then why not get in touch soon.


Breed : Greyhound

D.O.B : 01/06/2016

Sex : Female

Weight: 25kg

Temperament : Friendly and loving

Home I need :

My name is Fly and i am an ex racing Greyhound. I am a new arrival at Ferne and i would ideally like to be rehomed with my pal Jack as we do get on well together.

I am a very sweet girl with a gentle loving nature. I am nice on the lead, i like attention from people and i adore a comfy sofa to lie on after i have had my walk. Sadly i cannot lie with Cats or small furries. I could potentially live with children over the age of 8 years after introductions carried out at Ferne. My favourite treats are gravy bones and schmacko’s.

As i am an ex racing Greyhound i am used to wearing a Greyhound muzzle and i ought to wear this when out on my walks. I am good with other dogs generally and i do love other sight hounds…I have prior experience of living in a house and am housetrained and good in a car too. If you love Sight Hounds why not get in touch with the lovely team here at Ferne and come and meet me and Jack….We cant wait to see you.


Breed : Labrador

D.O.B : 01/10/2018

Sex : Female

Weight: 37kg (overweight)

Temperament : Friendly

Home I need :

I am a very friendly middle age girl looking for a new home as sadly my owner could no longer look after me. I get on well with other dogs so I could either share a home with another dog or be homed on my own. I can be shy when first meeting new people but it doesn’t take me long to become friends. Due to my weight I’m currently on a diet and short gradual exercise till the weight comes down.

I have previously lived with cats and have ignored the ones here at the sanctuary so I could share a home with one again. I have socialised with children of 1 years upwards. I am fully house trained and have good recall off lead. My front nails grow quite quickly so we need clipping regularly.

If I sound like the dog for you please do get in touch.




Breed : Greyhound

D.O.B : 21/06/2018

Sex : Male

Weight: 29kg

Temperament : A sensitive and shy boy

Home I need :

My Name is Jack, and i am an ex racing Greyhound. I am a new arrival at Ferne and i would ideally like to be rehomed with my pal Fly as we do get on well together.

I am initially very shy and need time to build trust in new people, having Fly around helps me cope with day to day life and once i know you i am a loving, sweet chap. I am nice on a lead, i too really like tasty tit bits like sausage, gravy bones and schmacko’s. I could potentially live with children over 8 years of age after introductions carried out at Ferne.

Like Fly i will need to wear a Greyhound muzzle when out on my walks, but i am used to this. I am good with other dogs generally but i too do like the company of my own kind…Us Sight Hounds like to stick together. I have prior experience of living in a house and i am house trained and also good in a car too.

If you think you could offer us a loving home together please do get in touch with the lovely team here at Ferne..We cant wait to see you.