Our dogs


Breed : Husky x German Shepherd

D.O.B : 02/04/2014

Sex : Female

Weight: 24kg

Temperament : Very friendly but timid

Home I need :

I am an absolutely gorgeous girl who doesn’t like to be left on my own so I am looking for a new home with an owner who is home most of the day. I can be a little nervous of new people and can be protective over my owner, so I am looking for an experienced owner who is used to my breed and has lots of time to give me the training and socialisation I need. I haven’t had much experience with other dogs and am slowly getting used to them, but I will chase cats. I haven’t lived with children before so a home without children or other pets would be best for me, most of all I would love to find an owner who can give me the attention and care I need!


Breed : Bearded Collie x

D.O.B : 02/06/2017

Sex : Male neutered

Weight: 23kg

Temperament : Friendly & lively

Home I need :

I am a very handsome but very sad boy who is looking for a loving and active home as I have a lot of energy and I will need experienced owners who have plenty of time to spend with me as I can get stressed if left on my own for long. I have had a very unsettled life up to now and really need a stable forever home, it may take me a while to settle into my new home so need patient owners who understand my needs. I can be reactive towards other dogs when out and about and would be best as the only pet in your home as I want all your attention. I can become protective of my home and owner, so any visitors will need to be introduced slowly and carefully and it would also be best if there were no children in the home.


Breed : Parsons Jack Russell

D.O.B : 27/10/2020

Sex : Female neutered

Weight: 6kg

Temperament : Lively!

Home I need :

I am a very lively young girl who is looking for an active home with energetic experienced owners who are used to my breed and have plenty of time to give me the attention I need as I don’t like to be left on my own for too long. I will need a lot of mental as well as physical stimulation as I am constantly on the go and need to be kept busy to prevent me from getting bored. I will also need basic obedience training as I am still only young, but I am eager to please so would be a great pupil! I am not keen on children so an adult only home is essential for me, and I will also need someone with the patience to understand that I have not had a great start in life and still have a lot to learn. I can be boisterous with other dogs and am very reactive towards cats, but I am house trained and am fine travelling in the car.