A hamster at Ferne Animal Sanctuary

Small Furry Animals

This area of the Sanctuary is home to a variety of small animals who are all unwanted pets.  Some have suffered neglect; many are here as a result of being bought for children and the children then losing interest; sometimes the owners have developed an allergy to their pets.

In this area, we have Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chipmunks, Ferrets, Chinchillas, Poultry and our Aviary.

These little guys all have plenty of space and enrichment appropriate for their species and have interesting little lives if you stand and watch them for a while.

This is a very public area so the spaces available to the animals are all big enough that if they get stressed by visitors or other animals passing by, they are free to tuck themselves out of the way. This is natural behaviour for little prey animals. You are most likely to see them if you are quiet and patient.

Can you help our resident animals?

At Ferne we have over three-hundred resident animals which need life-long care.

Your sponsorship means we can feed, look after and provide further enrichment for our much-loved residents.

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