Our cats


Breed : Domestic Short Hair

D.O.B : 02/03/2018

Sex : Female

Temperament : Affectionate and Loving

Home I need :

This pretty little Cat is Sookie, she needs to be spayed but is looking for her new loving home now her Kittens have all been weaned. She is a very sweet natured girl, and she has lived with other cats in the past and also a dog.

We feel Sookie could share a new home with children from 5 years or older. She is an affectionate and loving cat with a really lovely character. She would make a really nice addition to a family home.

If you could offer her a place in your home please do apply online, we would love to hear from you.


Breed : Domestic Long Hair

D.O.B : 20/08/2015

Sex : Female neutered

Temperament : Very affectionate, friendly girl

Home I need :

What can we say about Lola other than she is just so lovely,

She is a very affectionate, friendly cat, she loves attention and company and will be best suited to a home where people are home alot, either working from home or retired, as she will not be happy on her own for long hours. Lola is a homely cat by choice, she will like the choice of outside access once fully settled but you may find she likes being in, Therefore an indoor litter tray and cat scratch post / enrichment items will be required to allow her to exhibit normal cat behaviours appropriately.

Lola may be able to live with another suitable cat, we feel she shouldn’t live with a dog. She could live with children.

She does need to watch her waist line, and will often beg for food so this is an area to be mindful of in the new home.

If you could offer this real little sweetie a new loving home please apply online…


Breed : Birman

D.O.B : 15/03/2014

Sex : Female neutered

Temperament : Affectionate, sometimes a little needy

Home I need :

What a pretty girl Elsa is, she is a Birman and she will require a home with owners who ideally understand this breed or are prepared to do their research on all things Birman. Elsa will need a good grooming regime to keep her coat in tip top condition, at the moment we are gently grooming her to help with this. She can be picked up and is affectionate, she even likes to be cradled like a baby when she is fully relaxed.

Elsa is looking for a home as the only cat and with patient, gentle new owners who wont over whelm her and will do things at her pace to build her trust and allow her to settle into a new home. Children should be over 12 years of age and able to follow advice in regards to how to interact with Elsa so she isn’t frightened. She will initially need minimal handling and a gentle approach, she isn’t a cat to be rushed.

Eventually she will like to have access outside once fully settled in the home.

Do you have the home Elsa would thrive in? Please apply online…


Breed : Domestic Short Hair

D.O.B : 07/12/2018

Sex : Male neutered

Temperament : Initially a shy boy, but very affectionate once he trusts you....

Home I need :

This beautiful boy is Coco, he is such a handsome cat who is very affectionate once he gets over his initial shyness. He is an anxious boy and our team in the Cattery will be able to tell you all about his past. He will need to have access to a Litter tray in the house at all times, even once he starts to go outdoors. He will also require scratch posts and toys / enrichment to allow him to exhibit his natural cat behaviours appropriately when inside. Coco is likely to prefer being indoors and he may take time to settle due to his anxious nature.

It is important he settles in slowly and only when he is happy should he be offered the garden access. A cat flap will be essential for Coco. No main roads near by please.

But once he has settled he will enjoy sitting next to you on the sofa and he may even follow you to bed and sleep near by, as he used to do this is in his previous home. He will suit a quiet home with no children. Coco has lived with a dog and a cat in the previous home but we feel he should only live with one pet, if any at all, as he does get very stressed, so a home with no other pets could be wise. We could discuss this with you as alot of it would depend on space and resources in the home.


So do you have a quiet home for this beautiful boy? Please apply online..


Breed : Domestic Short Hair

D.O.B : 01/01/2022

Sex : Female

Temperament : SWEET NATURED

Home I need :

Delilah has been nursing her Kittens and now that they have all gone off to their loving new homes she is ready to be viewed.

She is a really affectionate Cat, very talkative at times and enjoys company. Delilah has lived with other Cats in the previous home, she likes to have outside access and she may well be a bit of a hunter. We are not sure how she would be around dogs, and children could be from 5 years or older as we feel this would be ok with her friendly nature.

Delilah is booked in to be spayed soon and is ready to meet potential new owners so if you are looking for an affectionate, pretty young Cat why not apply online and we would love to talk to you…


Breed : Domestic Short Hair

D.O.B : 23/09/2019

Sex : Male neutered

Temperament : Very shy and timid,

Home I need :


This is Duggie, he arrived with 2 other cats some weeks ago now. The cats he came in with have since been rehomed and we are now ready to advertise Duggie boy. The cattery lifestyle has proven difficult for poor Duggie, he has found it hard to relax around us, hiding away for most of the day. He is now managing to give us a little Meow  when we go in to his pen and he is settled enough to enjoy a tickle under the chin and around his ears, but that’s the limit of the contact as he really is a scared boy.

At the Sanctuary we had a friendly, confident cat in our cattery so we decided to do a slow introduction with Duggie. Duggie instantly took notice and watched this other cat. After a few more carefully managed meetings Duggies whole behaviour changed, he looked more calm, he was more relaxed and appeared more confident generally. He began to come out of hiding to say hello, even coming over to us. This was so very emotional for us who are working with Duggie, it really gave us hope that we can find him the right home he will continue to thrive in. Because cats come and go all the time here we have continued to observe Duggie around suitable cats and each time Duggie would light up, he would enjoy their company and he became alot more confident with us too.

So we are looking for a special home that has an existing cat, the existing cat must be an easy going, friendly and confident cat around people and a cat that is relaxed and obviously friendly towards other cats. Having the right type of cat pal will help Duggie learn that he can trust people, and with the right approach from his new owners as well, we truly believe Duggie will, over time come into his own and make a lovely cat away from the stress of the cattery environment.

The home we are hoping to find should only have ONE cat of suitable character, an adult only home, no children or dogs (sorry) and should have safe access to a nice secure garden area away from busy road systems. He has been used to outside access in the past, and although this will be a long way off Duggie will no doubt like this again, and he can share adventures with his cat pal when the time is right.

Duggie’s rehoming needs are very specific so please only apply online if you have carefully read this write up and have 1 cat in your home that fits the description we are looking for. The cattery team will be very happy to discuss Duggie with anyone who we feel may have that forever home Duggie so desperately deserves.

Thank you


Breed : DSH

D.O.B : 28/03/2017

Sex : Female neutered

Temperament : Shy but friendly

Home I need :

Bella is a shy, timid girl but once she knows you she’s very affectionate and loving. She’ll need extra time to settle into a new home which will need to be a calm and quiet environment as she can get upset and stressed with too much going on. She is a sensitive soul.

In our care here Bella is using the covered tray as preference. And we would be letting her new owners take this tray with them as it is one she is happy using now. She is a very sweet little Cat.

Bella is going to need time and patience but the reward would be huge, she has so much love to give, she loves being stroked and will rub around your legs asking for more. She’ll need to be the only pet in the home, and a home without any children will also be best. Keeping things quiet and calm and allowing Bella to have her own safe spaces and not be over whelmed will all help her to settle.

Do you think you have the right home environment for our special Bella? Please enquire online.


Breed : DSH

D.O.B : 14/02/2012

Sex : Male neutered

Temperament : Friendly & Affectionate

Home I need :

Gorgeous boy Bueno has been with us for some time now, he came in through our local vets as he was found straying around the local area. He came in with a bad skin condition which needed a lot of treatment and care. Bueno is now looking and feeling a lot better and is ready to find his forever home. He’s very affectionate and loves to be around people, he enjoys snoozing the day away anywhere warm and cosy which includes his favourite spot, your lap. He does have a bit of an independent streak to him too so will need space and time to settle.

As he was a stray we aren’t sure on Buenos past but he has shown to be quite wary of other cats and dogs. He’ll need to be the ONLY PET in the household in an adult only home.

The vet has estimated his age at around 11 years old but he could be older, he’s on a grain free diet currently to help his skin heal and potentially may need to continue long term.

If you think you could give this special boy a loving home please enquire.


Breed : DLH

D.O.B : 25/01/2020

Sex : Female neutered

Temperament : Inquisitive and Outdoorsy

Home I need :

Olive hasn’t had much luck finding her forever home, she has come into our care via another rescue. She is a gorgeous girl who is very active and inquisitive.

She is a chatty lady especially when she’s on an adventure in the great outdoors, she does have a high hunting drive which potential adopters should be aware of. When she’s not out and about, she likes to snooze in a nice warm spot in the sun.

Olive is very friendly, loves a groom and is affectionate around you. She is also happy in her own company often exploring outside. For this reason we feel Olive should be ok being left while the owner/s are at work, but she must have access to a garden through a cat flap.

Olive has lived with children and we feel she’d be better suited living with older children. She’ll also need to be the only pet in the household as she is happier this way.

If you can offer Olive her forever home please do apply online and we will be happy to talk with you….