Our cats

Loki and Maisie

Breed : Domestic Semi Long Hair

D.O.B : 01/09/2020 and 02/04/2018

Sex : Female neutered

Temperament : Friendly

Home we need :

Loki and Maisie are sisters who are looking for a new home together. They are both affectionate and happy girls who like a fuss.

As they are both longhaired they will need regular grooming which they both tolerate well for short periods at the moment.

Both girls have had negative experiences with dogs, so a dog free home is needed. They are used to and enjoy the company of teenage children.

If you can offer Loki and Maisie a loving home please enquire online



Breed : Domestic Short Hair

D.O.B : 11/08/2020

Sex : Female neutered

Temperament : Timid but affectionate

Home I need :

Dory is a adorable little cat who is in need of some TLC in a quiet home without other pets.

Dory started life in a very quiet home with just one person for company, a change in circumstances meant she had to move into a busier household with other animals. This has lead to overgrooming due to stress and a suspected flea allergy. Dory is on the road to recovery now, with her fur starting to grow back but regular, good quality flea treatments will be essential to make sure she continues to improve.

While Dory can be a hesitant to say hello initially after a few minutes she will come and ask for fusses and she likes to show you her toy mice. She would make a lovely companion for someone who is home a lot of the time.


If you think you can offer Dory her forever home please apply online


Breed : Bengal X

D.O.B : 06/06/2017

Sex : Female neutered

Temperament : Loving and talkative

Home I need :

Mitzi has come into our care after her owner sadly passed away. She is a sweet and affectionate girl who is eager to please but a little bit of a worrier.

She is looking for a quiet adult only home, without dogs but could live with another calm cat with careful introduction.

Mitzi has had quite an unsettled life and is looking for her forever home, if you feel you are suitable please apply online


Breed : Domestic Short Hair

D.O.B : 02/04/2018

Sex : Female neutered

Temperament : People loving shoulder sitter!

Home I need :

Dorothy has come to us via a veterinary surgery as she was found with severe facial abscesses and horribly underweight. With no microchip and no owner claiming her we took her in once she had received much needed treatment. Her face has now healed completely and her fur is growing back well.

Dorothy is a wonderful character, she loves to be held and stroked and will sit on your shoulder demanding attention.

Because we have limited information about her history a home where she is the only pet is preferred. She will be comfortable with older children and teens.

If you feel you can offer Dorothy a home, please enquire online


Breed : Domestic Short Hair

D.O.B : 19/04/2023

Sex : Female

Temperament : Happy and interactive

Home I need :

Mimosa is with us after being found in a cardboard box with 2 other cats.

She is an outgoing and happy girl who loves people and having a fuss. She has lived with other cats before but could also be a single cat, as long as there’s plenty of cuddles to go round!

As we don’t know about her experience with dogs, a home without them is preferred and she can live with children over the age of 10years.

If you think you can offer Mimosa a home please enquire online

Tom Collins

Breed : Ragdoll

D.O.B : 23/07/2018

Sex : Male neutered

Temperament : Learning to trust

Home I need :

Tom Collins has until very recently been used as a stud for breeding, he has never been a pet in the typical sense and is learning to trust people and understand the big wide world.

While he is certainly not what you would expect of a Ragdoll, he definitely likes to be fussed and interact and will form a strong attachment to his people.

He will need a new home with owners who have an understanding of cat behaviour and can allow him to interact on his terms.

Tom will need to be the only pet and live in a quiet household with only one or two people, away from busy roads and built up areas.

If you feel you can offer Tom Collins the peaceful home he deserves please enquire online