Our cats


Breed : DLH

D.O.B : 03/08/2008

Sex : Male neutered

Temperament : Shy older boy

Home I need :

This dear little guy is Cosmo, unfortunately he’s had a tough time in his golden years. We are not completely sure about his past but believed his owner passed away leaving him homeless and defending for himself out in the elements. He came into us very poorly, sore mouth and matted but after some much needed tlc is coming through the other side. He is a very shy boy who must have had quite a sheltered life and isn’t used to lots going on so will need a quiet home with no children and no dogs. He potentially could live with another older gentle cat but slow introductions are needed.

He is quite shut down in the cattery, he does allow some gentle handling but will need a patient owner who can build his confidence with people and show him the love he deserves but also the love he enjoys. He does enjoy a fuss and will need regular grooming as he’s not quite as nimble as he used to be and may need nail clipping in the future as this might be too much for him to do himself. This will require a confident but calm handler who is experienced with cats to help Cosmo stay healthy and pain free but also gain his trust in people and feel loved again.


Breed : DSH

D.O.B : 12/11/2008

Sex : Female neutered

Temperament : Observant & Inquisitive

Home I need :

This pretty girl is Kitty, we recently found out she’s older than we thought , and is actually nearly 15. She still has very good mobility for her age and loves nothing more than jumping onto a windowsill and watching the world go by. She enjoys a fuss, treats and the warmth of the sun on her belly when she’s stretched out.

Although Kitty likes attention and fuss, she very much prefers having all four paws on the ground. She doesn’t enjoy being picked up and held for too long, and can be a bit of a wriggler to get into carriers. She uses a cat flap well, and chooses to use a litter tray inside the house rather than going outside.

Kitty will do best in a quiet location. No very young children or other pets please, this older lady needs a peaceful retirement home.

If you can give Kitty the home she needs please do apply online. Older animals in rescue Centres struggle and are often over looked so please consider Kitty – Thank you.

Princess Luna

Breed : Semi Long Haired

D.O.B : 08/07/2020

Sex : Female

Temperament : Very loving and affectionate

Home I need :

This beautiful princess, is currently being a wonderful mum to her kittens in a foster home. The kittens are still too young and need their mum for another few weeks, after which Luna will be looking for her forever loving home.

Luna will need to be spayed and vet checked before she can go to her home.

Luna prefers quiet surroundings and is a calm character, she likes being groomed and enjoys company around her. She’ll nudge you hand for gentle strokes and reassurance.

Once Luna is ready to go she’ll need a home on the quieter side but would be quite happy living with children 8years and above and could live with a calm dog who is used to living with cats, these introductions would need to be gradual and supervised.

If you are interested in Luna please apply online, but be aware Luna won’t be ready to go for a little while yet.

Linguini & Gnocchi

Breed : DSH and DSH

D.O.B : 01/08/2023 and 01/08/2023

Sex : Male and Male

Temperament : Typical Kittens

Home we need :

These cheeky chaps are young and full of beans, they came in with their mum and 2 other littermates. They will need to still stay with mum for a few more weeks yet, but once they are old enough will have their vaccination process started. Being so young they will need neutering at their new owners expense but will be up to date with flea and worming and have a full health check by a vet. They will need lots of handling and socialising to continue to develop their growth and confidence with people and everyday experiences as well as their feeding times throughout the day.

We think that these two would fit well into most households, children and other pets would have to be introduced slowly and positively and they would always need somewhere safe and quiet that they can retreat to if they feel overwhelmed.


Breed : Domestic Short Hair

D.O.B : 01/01/2012

Sex : Female neutered

Temperament : Independent older Cat, affectionate

Home I need :

Luna is an older cat looking for a very quiet, calm, children free home. She is an independent older girl who needs a understanding owner who wont over whelm her or expect too much too soon. A home where she will be the only cat is what will suit her the best and a small safe garden space would be lovely.

Luna is affectionate and this is usually all on her terms, she will take time to form a bond with new people but when she does she is happy to sit on your lap for gentle fuss. The best approach with Luna is not to rush her, let her get to know you in her own time.

If you could provide Luna with the quiet retirement home she is looking for please apply online and we would love to talk to you…

Idaho & Dakota

Breed : DSH and DSH

D.O.B : 10/06/2023 and 10/06/2023

Sex : Male and Female

Temperament : Typical playful older kittens

Home we need :

These 2 beauties are a bonded pair so we’re looking for a home suitable for the pair of them. They are inquisitive and confident and we are sure they would settle into a new home quickly. They will need someone who is home a lot of the day for their socialising needs as well as their food requirements.

They are still waiting for a health check with a vet, the outcome of this will depend on when they are ready to go.

If you are interested please enquire.