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Our horses and ponies


Breed : Native

D.O.B : 04/05/1999

Sex : Gelding

Height: 13.2hh

Personality : Initially a little shy but very sweet.

Home I need :

Oska is looking for a home as a companion pony ideally with another friend or two to be retired with. He has an old hock injury which means he can no longer be ridden but it does not bother him while he is just being a pony in the field. He is used to being handled by children and does enjoy a pamper and cuddles. Being a native type he will need to have his weight controlled. He is currently in a home but will be returning to the Sanctuary due to unforeseen circumstances. Image to follow


Breed : WPB

D.O.B : 08/05/2013

Sex : Mare

Height: 15hh

Personality : I have a massive personality!! I have bags of presence and like for everyone to admire me! I quite like to do things my way unless I am shown a better way. I am good for the farrier, good to catch and enjoy being groomed.

Home I need :

D’arcy will need an experienced owner to continue her education and help her reach her potential. She is a real stunner and would do well in the show ring. She is quite flashy and certainly has a presence. In the right hands, D’arcy has the potential to be a very smart ridden horse but does need someone wit the skills, will and time to put in.
She has not seen much of the world so will need lots of positive new experiences.


Breed : Shetland

D.O.B : 10/05/2011

Sex : Gelding

Height: 8 HH

Personality : A very sweet, gentle boy who is a little shy unless he wants his bottom scratched, in which case he will politely ask! Becks is a straight forward pony, easy to handle, good for the vet and farrier. He has lots of potential for having fun with the right family.

Home I need :

I will need a home with suitable grazing and fencing for native ponies as i will need my weight to be managed. I’m looking to be a companion, preferably with other shetlands or similar. I would do well at showing with my stunning good looks. I could be trained for ride/drive with a competant owner.


Breed : Cob x

D.O.B : 05/05/2016

Sex : Gelding

Height: 12.3hh

Personality : Good natured, laid back straight forward pony. Can be bossy with other ponies over food which is common for animals who have suffered food deprivation. He came to as after being seized on welfare grounds.

Home I need :

Duke is looking for a new home with an owner who is able to continue his education and introduce him to new life experiences in preparation for when he is able to be trained for riding or driving. Duke has turned out to be a really smart little cob. He has the potential to be a nice childs second pony (only due to being a youngster) in the future. He loves to come in for his afternoon nap so would really like a home who can facilitate this!

Dizzy Rascal

Breed : Pony

D.O.B : 01/05/2015

Sex : Gelding

Height: 11hh approx

Personality : Dizzy is a typical cheeky, young pony.

Home I need :

Dizzy is a young pony who needs an owner who can continue to bring him on.  He will need someone experienced with training young horses.  He will make a super children’s all rounder in time.    Dizzy can lunge and long rein, is good out on the road. You can take him out and about on his own or with a friend, there is very little that phases him. We cannot fault this young pony, he just needs a nice little jockey to back him and ride him away ready for lots of adventures.


D.O.B : 01/05/2016

Sex : Gelding

Personality : Very playful, cheeky but affectionate! Extremely bright

Home I need :

Jack is a piebald gelding. DOB: May 2016. His Mum was an Arab type, Dad unknown but probably a cob. He should make at least 14.2hh. Jack was rejected by his Mother, his owner hand reared him for 8 weeks and unfortunately due to a change in her own circumstances could no longer keep him. It was then too late to put Jack on a foster mare so he has been fully hand reared. He will need a very experienced owner who can continue his education. Ideally he needs another youngster to play with. He is currently turned out daily with other geldings with no problems. He is good to catch and handle, can be opinionated! Due to being hand reared Jack can be quite full on.