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Breed : Shire

D.O.B : 01/05/1997

Sex : Mare

Height: 16.3

Personality : Where to start! It is a huge as she is!

Home I need :

Esther would love a home where she can see other horses but prefers not to mingle too much!  She would like some ‘staff’ to pamper her and give her good scratches as and when she demands them.  She quite enjoys going out for walks in the fields in hand.  She likes to come in and have a snooze of an afternoon so she will need a home that can facilitate the afternoon nap and a steady supply of good haylage.  For her age and size, Esthers mobility is good, she likes to get down and have a good roll in the mud.  This horse is not rideable and really enjoys being a pet.  She has made it very clear that she does not like dogs or children either.  Her ideal home would be her own private estate which she can survey and manage!  Esther is a magnificent horse with bags of personality, she is great to catch and groom, good for the farrier.


Dizzy Rascal

Breed : Native

D.O.B : 05/05/2015

Sex : Gelding

Height: 11.2

Personality : laid back , confident, cheeky

Home I need :

Dizzy Rascal is ready to find a home who can back him for riding or train him for driving.  He is a very trainable young pony, he lunges, long reins, is good on the road, will go away from his friends without a fuss.  On the whole he is really laid back and easy but does have a little cheeky streak in him!  With the right little jockey Dizzy will be a great fun pony to bring on and have lots of adventures.

This is a pony who needs to be active otherwise he will entertain himself!  He will need very sturdy fencing in his turnout as he is prone to testing it!

He has no health issues but being a native will need to have his weight managed.


Breed : Trotter x

D.O.B : 03/05/2017

Sex : Gelding

Height: 14.2

Personality : Sweet but cheeky!

Home I need :

Lakota is looking for an owner with experince of youngsters to continue his education and eventually train him for riding or driving.  He is good to catch and lead, will happily come in to a stable away from his buddies when needed.  He would ideally like to live with other ponies of a similar age as he does like to play.  He has no health issues and has the potential to make a nice allrounder once he has finished growing and filling out.