Our horses and ponies


Breed : Cob

D.O.B : 06/02/2005

Sex : Mare

Height: 15hh

Personality : Shy until she knows you. Sweet mare

Home I need :

Garnet is a sweet girl who needs an owner she trusts.  Once you have a bond with her she is a dream (bond easily gained with food!).  She was previously ridden but has not been for a few years so is looking for a companion home.  Garnet will need a home with good fencing, being a cob, if something catches her eye on the other side she will push through to investigate.  She has no health issues, she will need a friend who is also retired as she wouldn’t cope with being left alone.  Any potential owner should know, Garnet is an absolute mud monster!  She does not look this white currently!


Breed : Welsh Pony and Welsh Pony

D.O.B : 06/02/1999 and 2004

Sex : Gelding and Gelding

Height: 13hh

Personality : Sox is the sweetest pony who loves nothing more than being pampered.

Home we need :

Sox is an absolute darling of a pony.  He loves his people and will follow you around for cuddles at every opportunity.  It is easy to tell he was a well loved family pony for most of his life.  He can be bossy with other ponies, especially over food but never anything serious.

This older gent would love a home where he will just be loved and pampered and enjoy all the TLC an older pony deserves.  Apart from being old, he has no health issues.



Breed : Haflinger

D.O.B : 29/04/2008

Sex : Mare

Height: 14.2hh

Home I need :

Lily has been a much loved pony and enjoyed a lovely one to one home for many years.  She lives in a herd of mares and geldings with us and does develop strong bonds with her chosen friends, she does seem to prefer mares.   She will need an owner familiar with positive reinforcement based training methods.   Lily has done some in hand pony agility and been to some  in hand shows with her previous owner.  Lily would not cope with being left on her own.  Lily is good to catch and handle, enjoys being groomed, is good for the vet and farrier, she can be strong willed at times but is generally a nice, intelligent pony.

Lily is looking for a companion home, she could do some in hand pony agility again and would enjoy an owner who likes to practice their groundwork.   She will need to have her weight managed, she does not have any health issues.


Breed : native

D.O.B : 06/05/2020

Sex : Mare

Height: 12.hh

Home I need :

Malibu is a sweet, laid back young pony.  She will need an owner familiar with brining on a youngster.  She has all the basics in place, she is great to catch and lead, will be groomed and have her feet picked up and trimmed.  Malibu loves to be around people and would be a lovely companion pony.  We think she would thrive in a family home, ideally with other young ponies to play with.  She has never been left on her own at all so would always need a friend at the moment.  Sadly due to the level of neglect she suffered as a foal, she will never be suitable as a ridden pony however she would make a wonderful companion to another field mate or mates, young or old she can get along with anyone.


Breed : native

D.O.B : 01/05/2020

Sex : Gelding

Height: 12.hh

Personality : Sweet young pony, super cute!

Home I need :

Toby is a young pony who has suffered some hard times.  Due to his past he now has limited vision so is looking for a home as a companion only.  He will need stability in his herd and his environment so that he can be safe from being bullied, accident or injury.  He will need an owner who has experience with bringing on a young pony.  He is good to catch, groom, lead and picks his feet up.  Has a lovely temperament and enjoys playing with his field companion.