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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have put in place a new procedure which helps to maintain social distancing and keep the staff and Sanctuary as safe as possible. This process is as follows:

1) Complete the on-line enquiry form i.e. click on ‘ENQUIRE ABOUT ME’ displayed underneath the photo of the dog or cat you are interested in.

2) Once your enquiry has been processed, you will receive an e-mail or phone call from the re-homing team to give you some more information about the animal you are interested in.

3) Staff will discuss the animal’s temperament and any special requirements the animal needs.

4) If you are in rented accommodation we will require written permission from your landlord/housing association.

5) You will be asked to provide a video showing your home & garden e.g. height of fencing, cat flap etc. We will talk you through what is required.

6) Once approved, further instruction will be provided.

7) All paperwork will be sent to you electronically for completion.

8) If applicable, an appointment will be made for you to visit the Sanctuary to meet the dog or cat, ensuring social distancing guidelines are adhered to.

9) You will receive on-going support from the Sanctuary and a post home visit will be carried out when current restrictions have been lifted.

10) We will be available to provide additional advice and support by telephone.

Please Note: Potential adopters must live within a 40-mile radius (as the crow flies) of the Sanctuary, and we are unable to make appointments where a member of the household is showing symptoms of Covid-19 or is self-isolating because of an underlying medical condition.

Points to consider

 That you have enough time to spend with your dog or cat

A dog should not be left on its own for longer than 5 hours and must be able to go to the toilet and exercise. A cat needs access to the outside and to have quality time spent with it every day.

The amount of exercise your dog will need

A dog needs regular daily exercise (at least twice a day) regardless of weather conditions.

Grooming requirements

Breed and coat type will affect the amount your dog or cat moults. This will determine the amount of grooming (and vacuuming) required.

The costs involved

Food; veterinary bills; vaccinations; worming; flea treatments; neutering and unexpected veterinary bills for illness or injury. Pet insurance is advisable.

Making arrangements while you are away on holiday

 Boarding kennels/cattery; pet sitter.

House training

Even an adult dog or cat when settling into a new home may have accidents. Be prepared for some re-training and cleaning if necessary.

Chewing and destructive behaviour

This can be a result of boredom, stress or habit. Some re-training/behavioural work may be required.

That you are happy to deal and cope with any problems that may arise

It is likely that you will have some problems with a rescued dog or cat which will require calm, gentle handling, a lot of patience and consistency.


Staff access – Dog Form Here

Staff access – Cat Form Here