Ferne Animal Sanctuary countryside view

About Ferne Animal Sanctuary

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

Ferne Animal Sanctuary is a charity (Charity number 1164350).  We receive no government funding and rely on fundraising through grants and donations.  We rescue and re-home animals.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary was founded by the late Nina, Duchess of Hamilton & Brandon at the beginning of the Second World War. Her aim was to provide a temporary refuge for the animals belonging to service men and women, who were shipped abroad to fight. Inevitably at the end of the war many owners failed to return to collect their pets. So the story of Ferne Animal Sanctuary began.

Over 80 years later the Sanctuary is still acting as a refuge for animals of all shapes & sizes from across the county and beyond. It is perhaps sad that there is still a need for an organisation like ours. This need gets greater year on year. However, we’re exceptionally grateful that through generous donations & volunteer support we are still able to fulfil this vital role. We hope the Duchess would approve!