The harsh reality facing us once again this year is that if just one of the 200 birds in our care caught bird flu, all our birds would have to be put down.

Last December, we were faced with this terrifying threat when bird flu swept across the country, spread by migratory wild birds from Europe. Bird owners collectively held their breath as the disease spread, as under DEFRA regulations, all those affected had to destroy every bird they owned to stop the virus spreading.

At Ferne, for over three months, hundreds of our birds were locked away for their own safety, until the danger from the virus had passed. With no covered run, our poor geese had to be left out in the open as if confined they will fight, causing themselves injury and distress. This left our geese at great risk of catching bird flu, putting the lives of our entire family of feathered friends in jeopardy.

We urgently need your help to raise £7,500 to build our geese a new home with a covered run, provide new fencing to keep out predators and a reed bed to clean their pond water.

Your gift will make a real difference and help to protect all of our birds from bird flu.

  • £5 buys plants to clean the pond water
  • £10 helps us to build their covered run, or buy fencing for their safety
  • In recognition of your kind donation, you will receive a personal thank you on Facebook
  • £50 buys a cosy new nest box
  • In recognition of your kind donation, you will receive a gorgeous cuddly goose toy
  • £100 helps us to build our geese their lovely new home

In recognition of such a worthwhile donation, your name will be engraved on a plaque to be displayed on the new goose house

To donate £10, please text: 70140, inserting ‘Ferne £10’ in the message box. To change the amount text Ferne £xx, for example, Ferne £5 to donate £5. Thank you, we hugely appreciate your help!