Help Ferne’s funds grow through your coffee to go

Jan 19, 2021

Introducing Ferne’s Fabulous Furry Furlough Fundraiser

With a National Lockdown in place once more, are you working from home or furloughed and saving money on fuel, maybe not buying that flat white every morning? 

If so, could you donate the cost of your usual commute, or your morning caffeine fix to help us care for animals in need?

Here are just some of the ways it could make a difference;

£5 – A month’s supply of the supplements our tortoises need

£8  – Our cat litter for a month

£18 – Stress & anxiety supplements to help settle a nervous animal 

£30 – A month’s supply of Insulin for a cat with diabetes

If you would like to support us simply click HERE to donate


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