Online Show – Dog Classes Winners

Thank you again to all who entered photos to support our Online Show!

Here are the winners of the Dog Classes

Best Veteran

1st Place – Buddy Bear, entered by Catherine Jones

2nd Place – Princess, entered by Tammy Smith

3rd Place – Sophie, entered by Kay Dawson

Cutest Youngster

1st Place – Tilly, entered by Emily Mitchell

2nd Place – Bali, entered by Victoria Newman

3rd Place – Bob, entered by Tania Lant

Most Appealing Eyes

1st Place – Basil, entered by Lynda Dale

2nd Place – Cherub, entered by Amanda Masters

3rd Place – Stamford, entered by Hannah Coleman

Most Handsome Dog

1st Place – Stan, entered by Penny Novis

2nd Place – Jago, entered by Simon Heald

3rd Place – Rolo, entered by Alison Lowe

Prettiest Bitch

1st Place – Sasha, entered by Sarah and Tim

2nd Place – Misha, entered by Sue Govier

3rd Place – Belle, entered by Tracey Walker

Best Rescue Dog

1st Place – Max, entered by Kate King

2nd Place – Crystal, entered by Carol and Julian Babb

3rd Place – Chewie, entered by Jacky Cobbold

Dog the judge would most like to take home

1st Place – Jay, entered by Geoff Gilbert

2nd Place – Maggie, entered by Alison Lowe

3rd Place – Rigsby, entered by Karen Allen