Online Show – Dog Classes Winners

Oct 20, 2020

Thank you again to all who entered photos to support our Online Show!

Here are the winners of the Dog Classes

Best Veteran

1st Place – Buddy Bear, entered by Catherine Jones

2nd Place – Princess, entered by Tammy Smith

3rd Place – Sophie, entered by Kay Dawson

Cutest Youngster

1st Place – Tilly, entered by Emily Mitchell

2nd Place – Bali, entered by Victoria Newman

3rd Place – Bob, entered by Tania Lant

Most Appealing Eyes

1st Place – Basil, entered by Lynda Dale

2nd Place – Cherub, entered by Amanda Masters

3rd Place – Stamford, entered by Hannah Coleman

Most Handsome Dog

1st Place – Stan, entered by Penny Novis

2nd Place – Jago, entered by Simon Heald

3rd Place – Rolo, entered by Alison Lowe

Prettiest Bitch

1st Place – Sasha, entered by Sarah and Tim

2nd Place – Misha, entered by Sue Govier

3rd Place – Belle, entered by Tracey Walker

Best Rescue Dog

1st Place – Max, entered by Kate King

2nd Place – Crystal, entered by Carol and Julian Babb

3rd Place – Chewie, entered by Jacky Cobbold

Dog the judge would most like to take home

1st Place – Jay, entered by Geoff Gilbert

2nd Place – Maggie, entered by Alison Lowe

3rd Place – Rigsby, entered by Karen Allen