Animal : Pony
Sex : Male
Breed : Miniature Shetland
Colour : Cream Dun
About :
Arnie is a miniature Shetland and he stands at an impressive 30 inches tall! Arnie was a companion for his owners Daughters horse who was sold so he was then no longer needed. He was really well looked after by his owners and is in excellent condition, considering his health issues. Arnie has Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushings and Sarcoids, which makes him extremely difficult to re-home due to him needing very careful management and requiring medication twice daily for the rest of his life (this is likely to increase as he ages). He is only 9 years old and he could live into his 30s, maybe longer!! Despite his young age, he is a bit like a little old man! He is really sweet and quiet, although he will give Wotsit as good as he gets if there is a bit of hay they both want.