Have a heart for Beau…

Jul 4, 2018

Beau recently arrived at Ferne, just one of the many animals we help day in, day out.

With a matted and dirty coat, infected and inflamed ears and overgrown nails and having difficulty walking – he was a sorry sight when he arrived at Ferne. Sadly, his owner could no longer care for him.

On arrival, he needed urgent attention which the Animal Care team at Ferne provided to resolve the immediate problems. However, he still can’t walk properly as he suffers from severe hip dysplasia in both his hips, which will require surgery when he’s fit enough. As he’s had very little exercise, sadly his muscles are wasted so he will need physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to build them up before the operations can be performed.

Can you help us to raise the funds we need to help Beau get the veterinary care and therapies he so desperately needs, please?

(Any excess monies raised will be used to help fund veterinary care across the Sanctuary for other rescued animals)

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To see our video of Beau, please click here