Breed: Haflinger

D.O.B: 29/04/2008

Sex: Mare

Height: 14.2hh

Home I need:

Lily has been a much loved pony and enjoyed a lovely one to one home for many years.  She lives in a herd of mares and geldings with us and does develop strong bonds with her chosen friends, she does seem to prefer mares.   She will need an owner familiar with positive reinforcement based training methods.   Lily has done some in hand pony agility and been to some  in hand shows with her previous owner.  Lily would not cope with being left on her own.  Lily is good to catch and handle, enjoys being groomed, is good for the vet and farrier, she can be strong willed at times but is generally a nice, intelligent pony.

Lily is looking for a companion home, she could do some in hand pony agility again and would enjoy an owner who likes to practice their groundwork.   She will need to have her weight managed, she does not have any health issues.

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