Application to borrow a non ridden horse

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Details of the type of companion wanted:

1. For what purpose do you want a non-ridden companion horse or pony? (please tick as applicable)

2. Ideally, what type of horse or pony are you looking for?(please tick as many as apply)

3. What management regime will be used for keeping and caring for the companion? (please tick as applicable)

4. Will the management regime of the other horses be the same as for the companion?(please tick as applicable)

5. Will the companion be left on its own at all? (please tick as applicable)

6. Please give details of any ailments/aspects of management that you feel you would be unable to accommodate.

7. Please give details of the facilities where the companion will be kept.

8. Please give details about the routine care of the horse:

Please note any horse homed as a companion by Ferne Animal Sanctuary has been thoroughly assessed and deemed unsuitable for riding due to behavioural or veterinary problems which will be discussed with you in more details when appropriate. Any persons found to be riding / ‘working’ a companion horse will be in breach of their contract and that equine will be removed from the home.

If we do not currently have a companion suited to your requirements, this application form will be kept on file for reference for 6 months only. If you are still looking for a companion after that period, please contact in good time so that your details may be refreshed.