Cats and Kittens Need Homes!

Jun 18, 2015

Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Wambrook, near Chard, Somerset is overrun with cats and kittens and has issued a plea for people to come forward to provide homes for them.

“Some have been at the Sanctuary for months now and are beginning to show signs of stress” said Tara Nirula, Re-homing Manager.

“Riley (pictured) was brought into Ferne as a stray a month ago in a dreadful condition and very thin.

“He has a deformed ear which the vet believes is the result of a bad ear infection that was not treated at the time, but this does not cause any problems now.

“We think he is about five years old and at some point in his life must have been a loved pet as he is very friendly and affectionate – and will give kisses on command!”

Tara continued: “Over the past few months we have had eight stray cats brought in, including a heavily pregnant cat that gave birth to her kittens two days later. We’ve also had a three week old kitten that was hand reared. And there are more kittens on the way.

“Many of the stray cats were in a bad way with skin conditions, eye and ear infections and all quite emaciated.

“After having veterinary treatment, regular feeding and lots of care from the Sanctuary staff, they have all developed into happy, healthy, friendly cats who love human attention; some are still a little timid, but are gaining in confidence every day.”

“We are urgently looking for loving homes with special people who can give these cats and kittens a second chance in life. The owners must have patience and commitment but most of all, lots of love to give.”

Anyone who can help should call the Sanctuary on 01460 65214 or email