Depressed Dog Urgently Needs a Home

Oct 27, 2015

A desperate plea to find a new home for Jasper, a five year old male neutered English springer spaniel is being launched today by Ferne Animal Sanctuary, Wambrook, near Chard, Somerset.

Jasper has been at the Sanctuary’s kennels for six months and is now showing signs of depression.

Tara Nirula, Re-homing Manager at Ferne Animal Sanctuary said: “Some days he just lies in his bed looking so sad. It is heart-rending. Jasper urgently needs a place he can call home.

“Although he gets lots of care and attention from the Animal care staff, he really needs a loving owner who is home most of the day as he doesn’t like to be left on his own.

“Jasper is a very loving, loyal dog who can only cope with living with one person as he gets very attached to individuals.

“He is good with other dogs, but would be better as the only pet in the home as he likes all the attention. He is a very intelligent dog who loves playing fetch with a ball and his recall is excellent.”

Jasper urgently needs someone who has a lot of time to give him plenty of love. He enjoys human company and would make someone a wonderful companion.

Tara continued: “We are desperate to find Jasper a permanent loving home with a special owner who can give him another chance of happiness. Anyone who can help can either call me on 01460 65214 or email”