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Change the lives of animals in need with Do It Your May!


Whether it’s a fitness, lifestyle or personal goal, your participation will help provide our animals with the care they need to give them a second chance at a better life.


What is Do It Your May?

Take on your own challenge for the month of May and support animals in need! Whether you want to give up chocolate, walk a mile everyday, do a daily activity, the choice is yours.  Simply choose your challenge and set up your own fundraising page to help raise funds for the 300 plus residents in our care, as well as the 250 cats and dogs rehomed from Ferne each year.

How to get started

Taking part in Do It Your May is super quick, simple and free. Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Decide on your challenge. It can be anything from fitness, to a wellness or personal goal.
  2. Choose to set up a Facebook fundraiser or JustGiving page via our dedicated JustGiving campaign page – whatever works better for you.
  3. Set up your fundraising page – Your fundraising page will automatically set a £100 target, but there’s no minimum target for this challenge. You can choose to increase it, decrease it, or keep it as it is.
  4. Once you’re set up, we’ll be in touch to help you on your fundraising journey, but only if you have given us consent to do so.

You can take on the challenge individually or sign up with friends and family to work towards a common goal! Whatever you choose to do, you will be making an incredible difference to the animals at Ferne.

Why Should You Get Involved?

By taking part in our Do It Your May challenge, you will be directly contributing towards the essential care, food, shelter, and veterinary treatment for those who have found their way to us and need a helping hand.

Little Philly was a tiny soul found abandoned and afraid, surrounded by the loss of his siblings and no Mum. Weighing just 250 grams and in need of urgent intervention, his survival was uncertain.

The support we receive from our incredible supporters and community became his lifeline, ensuring that our dedicated animal care team could give him the crucial treatment he needed. Having been hand-reared, Philly soon found a forever home where he continues to thrive thanks to people like you.

You can be a voice for animals like Philly by joining us in Do It Your May, ensuring we can extend this lifeline to countless other animals just like him. Your participation will give them hope and the second chance that they so truly deserve.



Downloadable Materials

We have prepared a printable sponsorship form for offline donations and a printable challenge tracker. These are to help you keep on top of your goals and track your progress with friends and family!

Printable Sponsorship Form

Copy of Challenge Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Do It Your May?

Do It Your May is a virtual challenge hosted by Ferne Animal Sanctuary, running from the 1st to the 31st of May. The type of challenge is completely up to the participant, you can set your own goals and targets based on what you want to achieve across the 31 days. Depending on the challenge, you can sign up individually or as a team to reach your target!

How do I sign up?

It’s super simple to sign up to our Trails for Tails 250km Challenge! You can either:

Is there a registration fee?

Neigh! This virtual challenge is FREE for anyone to take part. We hope supporters will take the opportunity to help us raise vital funds for all the animals in our care.

How much do I have to raise?

There is no minimum fundraising target – your JustGiving / Facebook page will automatically set to £100, but you can choose to decrease, increase or keep as is!