Ferne is delighted to be Chardrock’s Charity of the Year 2024!

Apr 19, 2024

“Pets need people and people need pets, if we throw in a bit of music let’s hope we get a bit of magic going on!”

Local music festival Chardrock have chosen Ferne Animal Sanctuary as their charity of the year. They’re hoping to lend a helping paw to animals in need whilst having a fantastic time along the way!

Taking place 10th and 11th August, the festival will feature fantastic acts, including Ion Maiden, Not Guns N Roses, Van Hailen, Defo Leppard, From Jovi and Born to Be Bad. There will also be plenty of family-friendly activities throughout.

Chardrock Founder and Organiser John Arnold said, “music and animals are very often a lifeline for people in so many different ways. So why not combine the two. We’re hearing every day at the moment financial hardship and pets are seaming to be a luxury many can no longer afford. It would be really lovely if we as a festival and our lovely Chardrockers could in some way help put animals back into loving forever homes, where they belong.”

Michelle Arnold, John’s partner and Chardrock’s Charity Liaison Officer, said “I was wandering around the festival last year and lots of our Chardrockers brought their dogs as they do every year. Pets need people and people need pets, if we throw in a bit of music, let’s hope we get a bit of magic going on!”

Ferne will be in attendance for the weekend, with a charity pop-up shop, children’s activities, fundraising games and festival-goers may even get a visit from the charity’s canine mascot Freddy Ferne!

We’re so excited to be joining Chardrock and were delighted when we received the message from Michelle and John about choosing us as their chosen charity! This is a fantastic community event right on our doorstep and we can’t wait to get involved over the weekend. Hopefully, we’ll raise lots of awareness and funds for our animals.

When asked about Chardrock, John said “as well as supporting the local bands, Chardrock is a great chance to make music accessible to the southwest. A lot of music festivals happen in big cities so this is the chance for the local community to benefit from good music. In the same way that I’ve had some great experiences in the industry, I wanted to give other local bands the opportunity to perform and be alongside national bands like Livewire.”

“Chardrock has been a dream of mine for years. Thankfully I’m now in a position to dedicate some time to making it become reality. I’ve always been in a band from my early days at school and have performed with some great acts along the way.”

“Another important thing for me is to be able to raise some money for charity. Each year we choose a different good cause for our ‘Chardrockers’ to support over the festivals 2-day event.”

There are still tickets and camping available for Chardrock via their website but be quick as this is expected to be a sell-out event!