Find Your Furry Friend: Adoption Stories from Our Sanctuary

Jun 26, 2024

In this blog post, we’ll share heartwarming adoption stories from our sanctuary. Highlighting the journey of animals rescued, rehabilitated, and ultimately finding their forever homes. Each story embodies the spirit of hope and resilience, showcasing the transformative power of love and compassion.

Animals up for rehoming

There are some lovely pets up for rehoming on our website but we want to highlight two who unfortunately are not receiving much interest, Dory and Bella.


We don’t know why adorable Dory is being overlooked. The poor girl has been so stressed in her home that it has caused her to over groom, making her look a little bit scruffy, but in a calm home, this should resolve. Frustratingly, we have had so much interest in the little black kittens we had in recently, and really, it wasn’t that long ago that Dory was a cute little kitten.


Bella came into our care due to her owners health. She is the most adorable little lady who wants nothing more than someone to cuddle.  Once she falls in love with you, she doesn’t like being left so we are looking for a forever home with someone that is around a lot

To view any other animals who are looking for a new home, please visit our rehoming page.

Success Stories

We absolutely love to share the beautiful souls that we have touched whether through rescuing, rehabilitating or rehoming. We take every opportunity possible to share these stories with our followers.


Matilda is the perfect example of a pet we’ve had come through our doors and back out the other side. She came to us in a sorry state. She has since found her forever home to spend her twilight years in.

When Matilda arrived she was incredibly matted and unable to walk properly. It appeared like her legs were stitched together which was causing her sores. Our Head of Cattery, with great care, clipped a lot of the matted fur from her. Unfortunately, a visit to the vet was necessary to go under anaesthetic to get the very worst of it clear. While she was at the vets, she had a thorough check over. A scan showed that Matilda has inflammation of her gall bladder. This means monthly injections of anti-inflammatory medication which will be gentler on her organs than some other medicines. It was devastating to see her in such a state as a once beloved pet, she was let down. This is not uncommon for us to see. Luckily, organisations like Ferne exist to give animals like Matilda a second chance.

This adorable cat’s story doesn’t end here, she found a new owner and settled in very quickly. Matilda is now a very happy, sassy, noisy little girl who is besotted in a loving home where she can spend her twilight years.


Wenna is another sad story, she was found as a stray in Essex with two other lurchers. She wasn’t in the best condition with some nasty scars potentially before she had even had her first birthday. This poor little girl just wanted to be invisible, scared of her own shadow. She just needed someone to show her some compassion.

Luckily this girl found her forever home in Cornwall where she has been shown nothing more than love and patience which has turned her life around. This has made her a completely different dog. She’s now known for her zoomies on the beach, splashing around and playing with all her friends. Watching her on instagram now you wouldn’t manage how her life started. This could have been a different story if that person hadn’t helped her when she was alone in Essex.

Adoption Process

To give a lifeline to one of our beloved animals, please visit our rehoming page, where you can click enquire now on any you think you might be a fit for. If you’re looking for anything in particular and you’re not finding them, please contact us directly and we will be able to put you on a wait list. We recommend you keep checking, if you are not successful with one application that doesn’t mean you can’t rehome but instead that you might not fit all the criteria. Some of which, might be out of both our hands.

You can find out the whole process by clicking here. All of the animals we rehome come with a lifetime of support to help you with them. If anything changes we will take them back as we don’t want any animal to be in the state of Matilda or scared with no where to go like Wenna.

Impact of Adoption

Wenna and Matilda’s stories alone show the impact that individuals and organisations like ourselves can have on these helpless animals. It’s not worth thinking about how different these stories could have ended.

By rescuing an animal, you are giving an animal their second chance at happiness, for some this could be their first time experiencing a home, love and all the luxuries these can bring. As well as reducing the animals who have no place of their own, calling the streets in the freezing temperatures their home and preventing rescues from becoming overcrowded and unable to help these unfortunate souls. Some of these, just need some kindness of their own which will bring out the most loving and loyal pet.

Next time you are considering a new furry addition to your home, please considering rehoming. If you’re not ready for this, there are lots of ways you can support our mission from volunteering your time, sharing our posts, attending events and fundraising for us.