Grant Funding Enables Major Expansion for Ferne

Mar 29, 2019

Thanks to the generosity of a substantial grant from the Montague-Panton Animal Welfare Trust, Ferne Animal Sanctuary has been able to purchase the farm adjacent to the Sanctuary.

The farm will be named ‘The Montague-Panton Farm’ in recognition of the Trust’s generosity to make the purchase possible. The acquisition of the farm means Ferne will have an additional 21 acres of grazing land for our Sanctuary animals.
“We are delighted to be able to buy this farm,” said Bernie Steadman, Chair of Trustees at Ferne Animal Sanctuary. “It had previously come on the market, but at the time the charity was not in a position to buy it. This time we have been incredibly lucky to secure a grant that will enable us to expand our operation and help more rescue animals across the South West”.

With increasing numbers of abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals rescued by the Sanctuary each year, this additional land will provide much-needed grazing space for some of our larger and long-term resident animals.

BBC News Interview with Elaine Hayes, Chief Executive, Ferne Animal Sanctuary