Help us press for a ban on live animal exports!

May 31, 2023

Redwings, RSPCA and other animal welfare organisations are urging people to contact their MP after long-awaited legislation to ban the live export of animals, including horses and farmed animals for fattening and slaughter was dropped by Westminster government last week.

These animals suffer horrendously long journeys in cramped conditions with little regard to their welfare,  some may not even survive the journey, some will fall and be trampled by the others.

The Kept Animals Bill would not only have fulfilled the government’s manifesto commitment to introduce the ban, it also contained legislation to tackle puppy smuggling, dogs with cropped ears, livestock worrying and keeping primates as pets.  Some of these issues we are all seeing or experiencing more frequently in plain sight.

DEFRA has said it plans to bring in separate pieces of legislation for issues that were due to be addressed by the Kept Animals Bill, but it has already been nearly two years since the Bill was introduced to parliament and further delays mean more animals continue to suffer despite animal sentience being agreed in 2022 with the implementation of the Animal Welfare Sentience Bill. This recognises that animals have complex thoughts and emotions and are able to experience pain, fear, love and joy.

Please write to your MP to ask for the urgent introduction of legislation to ban the export of live animals for slaughter that has been promised since 2019.

‘Contact your MP’ via the link

Thank you so much!