How to help hedgehogs in your garden

May 3, 2017

Being Helpful to Hedgehogs

Around 95% of British hedgehogs have been lost since the 1950’s, so they really need our help.  Here are some quick tips so that your garden can be helpful to hedgehogs

Tip 1   Link your garden – make a hole in your fence or wall so that Hedgehogs can wander in and out, 13cm x 13cm is big enough but too small for most pets.

Tip 2  Make your pond safe  – hedgehogs are good swimmers, but can’t climb out of steep-sided ponds and will drown, set a pile of stones, a piece of wood or some chicken wire at the edge of your pond to create a simple ramp.

Tip 3  Lawn treatments reduce worm numbers, pesticides, insecticides and slug pellets are toxic and unnecessary in a healthy, well-managed garden. If you have a big slug problem use pet and wildlife safe deterrents such as copper tape or beer traps.

Tip 4  Put out food and water – meaty cat or dog food, hedgehog food, and mealworms are all suitable.  This extra food supplements their natural diet.  Put out a bowl of fresh water daily  – never put out milk as it’s really bad for hedgehogs.

For more detailed information on some of these tips and how to build a hedgehog house or for further information see Hedgehog Preservation Society