Online Show Cat Classes and Best Dog and Cat Friends Winners

Oct 17, 2020

Thank you so much to all who entered our Online Dog and Cat Show we had so many wonderful entries and raised over £600 for the Sanctuary!

Due to the number of entries received we will be announcing the winners of our Cat Classes as well as the Best Dog and Cat Friends today, with our Dog Classes to follow early next week – apologies for the delay but we promise the photos really are worth waiting for and huge thanks to our impartial volunteer judge for giving up so much of your time to support us.


Best Veteran

1st Place – Maisie, entered by Julia Glenn

2nd Place – Lionel, entered by Amanda Masters

3rd Place – Indie, entered by Kimberley Skinner

Cutest Youngster

1st Place – Solomon, entered by Julia Jacobs

2nd Place – Skye, entered by Kelly Evans

3rd Place – Simon, entered by Flora Pakes

Best Sleeping Place

1st Place – Maisy, entered by Abby Parker

2nd Place – Harvey, entered by Julia Rogers

3rd Place – Sky, entered by Nicola Bowen

Most Handsome Male

1st Place – Maverick, entered by Ceridwen Rayson

2nd Place Noodle, entered by Sue Ritcher

3rd Place – Ziggy, entered by Kaiya Morton

Prettiest Female

1st Place – Mischief, entered by Rachel Potter

2nd Place – Lady, entered by Finn, Maisie and Eliza

3rd Place – Daisy, entered by Helen Mitcham

Best Rescue Cat

1st Place – Finn, entered by Kath Joy

2nd Place – Rosie, entered by Sarah Langrish

3rd Place – Ponyo, entered by Kaiya Morton

Cat the judge would most like to take home

1st Place – Maverick, entered by Serena Hall

2nd Place – Ninja, entered by Cheryl Moolman

3rd Place – Danny, entered by Donna McNeil

Best Dog and Cat Friends

1st Place – Miller and Milo, entered by Donna Breakwell

2nd Place – Maisie, Dora and Dusty, entered by Donna McNeil

3rd Place – Archie and Tammy, entered by Karen McGilchrist