Oscar, cat left for dead with the rubbish

Feb 27, 2020

Terrified, hungry and dirty, ‘Oscar’ was rescued by a member of our staff from a rubbish bin, miraculously found just before the bin lorry collection. He had been heartlessly dumped at Ferne, we suspect at least a couple of days prior to being found. We are hopeful our CCTV will identify the culprit who can be brought to justice for such a cruel act.

Given where he was found, our staff were quick to name him Oscar, after the Sesame Street character who lives in a bin. He will now need some time to recover at the Sanctuary with lots of love and care to build his confidence, trust and health before he is able to be rehomed.

Sadly, Oscar is not alone in his fate to find a new home and an owner to love him as the number of animals ‘dumped’, abandoned or neglected has been on the rise for several years.

We would like to appeal to animal owners or prospective owners to seriously consider the responsibility of having a pet. If you are unable to meet their needs, please take the time to at least help them get the best chance possible for a second chance in life. Dumping an unwanted pet is cruel, illegal and unnecessary. It is also more expensive and complicated to re-home a pet with no history.

To help rescued cats like Oscar, it costs the Sanctuary £10 per week for treatment and food, if you’d like to help other cats like Oscar, please donate here or return to Facebook post and donate there! Thank you