Our rescue dogs need your help!

Oct 12, 2017

We are in desperate need of a purpose-built area where our rescue dogs can learn to relax, play and explore new environments as part of their rehabilitation journey.  To fund this project, we need your help with our ‘Ferne Rescue Dogs Appeal’ – every penny counts!

Many of our rescue dogs are nervous, unsure and untrusting of other dogs and of humans because of the trauma they have experienced from neglect, abuse or abandonment prior to their arrival at Ferne.

This new area will provide a safe outdoor multi-sensory place where our most timid, traumatised, abused or elderly dogs can learn to relax, play and explore new environments as part of their recovery” said Tara Nirula, Re-Homing Manager.  “For some of them, it will also give them the chance to be around other dogs or humans, without fear, providing an invaluable opportunity to build up their confidence and trust again in both humans and other dogs.”

The area will include open spaces for those dogs ready to play or exercise and for the more explorative, a maze of woven archways to explore and a sandy ‘beach’ and water play area for a little bit of fun time.  For our older dogs, the quiet shady areas may prove to be the perfect spot for some well-earned outdoor downtime. For all the dogs, the variety of environments will undoubtedly make the time they spend with whilst waiting to be rehomed, pass more enjoyably.  For some dogs, who are with us for longer periods, it will also enable us to keep them stimulated with obedience and agility training.

Please help us to help them! Ferne Rescue Dogs Appeal