Please help Poppy!

Jul 21, 2016

Poppy is no ordinary dog.

She has an extraordinary zest for life which is really quite inexplicable given the pain she has been putting up with for quite some time now.  In addition to this, poor Poppy has also been passed from pillar to post by a series of owners in her three years’ of life, allowing her illnesses to go untreated and the severity of her pain to go undetected, until now on her arrival at Ferne.

“Poppy really stands out as one of the most adorable, friendly and loving dogs we have ever cared for at Ferne” commented Animal Care Manager, Tara.  “She has never had a permanent home or family, has lived with excruciating pain and yet she just doesn’t have a bad side to her.  It’s as though she’s put her total trust in us to make her better, wagging her tail even as we give her medicine or take her to the Vets.  Without a doubt, she has won all of our hearts here.”

Soon after her arrival, it turned out that finding a home for Poppy was the least of her problems as our early suspicions about ligament problems in her hind legs were confirmed.  It also transpired that these were very serious, not least as one ligament had already ruptured, causing much pain for quite some time. Additionally, she also has problems in both knees, her hips and her spine. Without treatment, there is no doubt the only option would be euthanasia, as she could not live a life of any comfort or longevity as she is currently. Thankfully however, all her conditions are treatable, allowing Poppy to have a pain free, happy and long life, but at a cost.

“Poppy has multiple orthopaedic injuries but is a happy and loving dog considering the amount of pain she must be in. She has had multiple homes in her short life and although we are unable to get her veterinary history, I believe that her orthopaedic disease is the reason she has had so many homes Samantha Lane, Veterinary Surgeon BVSc BSAVA PGCert(SAS) MRCVS.

Ferne has undertaken to fund Poppy’s first operation this week, to relieve some of Poppy’s immediate pain.  However, after that she will still require subsequent operations, medication for inflammation and pain, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to strengthen her muscles and joints, which will cost approximately £4,000.  To urgently raise the money for this, we are asking for your help by donating to ‘Poppy’s Appeal

Whatever you can donate will help towards giving Poppy a whole new life ahead which can be a long, happy and comfortable one, which this top dog undoubtedly deserves.