The Big Give – can you help us reach our target?

Sep 3, 2020

Rabbits can be fantastic pets if you understand their needs but there are a number of reasons why they may not be the low maintenance pet that many hope for;

  •     They live between 8 – 12 years, so are quite a long-term commitment
  •     They are highly social and should not be kept alone. However, having company does not mean a Guinea Pig, it needs to be another rabbit
  •     They are most active at dawn and dusk and in the wild would remain underground in the day to avoid predators
  •     They have long, powerful hindlegs and need access to sufficient space for exercise, in the wild, rabbits cover an area of up to 30 football pitches in a day and their long legs enable them to stand vertically and browse
  •     They will need routine vaccinations and dental care (their teeth grow constantly throughout their life)
  •     They breed……well like rabbits! So neutering is essential and carries a cost of approximately £80

As a loyal supporter of Ferne, this may not be news to you but the above are some of the reasons that so many rabbits come into Ferne and other sanctuaries through no fault of their own.

This year, we are applying to take part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign, to raise funds for our For Life campaign. The aim of the campaign is to remind, reinforce and educate all ages about the cost and requirements of animal ownership, with the ultimate aim of increasing understanding of animal welfare needs, improving the quality of life for many animals and reducing the number of unwanted animals who through no fault of their own need rehoming.

 As part of our application, we need our key supporters to make promises of funding, called ‘Pledges’, which will be used as match funds to double online donations made to our charity during the campaign. Your commitment of funding might also help us to secure additional match funds via a Champion (sourced by the Big Give).

We currently have £1900 and are aiming to raise a total of £2500.  Would you consider making a pledge of £100 to help us reach our target? We realise £100 is a lot of money, this is the minimum set by the Big Give not by us but the pledge could be on behalf of a family or workplace group, or perhaps in lieu of gifts if you have a special occasion coming up?

If you would be willing to make a pledge, you can do so by completing the online form by the deadline of 5pm, Friday 4th September.

Thank you so much for your continued support.