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We are in the midst of an unprecedented financial downturn and need your help now more than ever! We have to raise funds over the next 4 months to ensure we can continue our work with animals in need.



We need your help today to provide brighter futures for animals in need tomorrow.

Since 1939, Ferne Animal Sanctuary has rescued, rehabilitated, or rehomed circa forty thousand animals. There are always approximately three hundred animals on the 72-acre sanctuary, and another 200-250 animals successfully rehomed each year.

Our dedicated team work tirelessly to provide the animals that pass through our gates the love, care and attention that they need. But right now we find ourselves amid an unprecedented and severe financial downturn and need your help now more than ever!

Help us save animals like Milo for another 85 years to come…

At less than one-year old, little Milo was brought to Ferne after being taken out of a horrendous situation. He arrived covered in wounds, scabs, urine scald and with his claws growing into his feet. Poor Milo was clearly in excruciating pain and smelled so strongly of infection, but his eyes gleamed with excitement to see us and he did not complain at all.

Milo has needed ongoing and intensive care, with regular medicated baths and antibiotics to treat the nasty infection he arrived with. He has suffered terribly in his short lifetime, but he has remained so bright and friendly towards us which is a testament to his adorable character.

Milo has made incredible progress in his time at Ferne. The team continue to look after him diligently, with daily washes of his feet and lots of TLC, he can now look forward to heading off to his loving forever home.

Milo is just one of over 40,000 animals that Ferne has rescued and rehabilitated in the last 85 years, and right now, we need your help to ensure we can always be there for more animals just like him.

Please donate what you can today to help provide a second chance to animals like Milo. Any donation big or small will make a huge difference.

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