When is the right time to say goodbye?

Oct 8, 2018

As Winter is fast approaching and the temperatures start dropping, we all have to think about some of our older animals who may struggle through yet another winter.

The right time to say goodbye is never easy, but it’s important to put the overall welfare of your animal first and our emotions second to be able to see them as they really are and what may be best for them.

The questions we ourselves are; are they still keeping up with the others? How are the other animals they live with behaving towards them? Are they showing signs of pain?

Keep a close eye on their weight/body condition and check that they eating properly. Every one of them is an individual and may or may not cope well with a change to how they are managed. Whatever the decision it has to be the best one for that animal. As animal owners it’s a decision we will all face at some point. The best we can do for them is know when the time is right, for them. If you are struggling with the grief of losing a beloved pet, the Blue Cross operates a wonderful Pet Bereavement Helpline (0800 096 6606)