Young Horses Need A Home

Oct 5, 2015

Abandoned with a group of around 14 other pregnant mares, mum Sydney gave birth to her daughter, India in April

The Sanctuary took Sydney in after she was seized by trading standards and no owner could be found. Both mother and baby are now in excellent health.this year at Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Wambrook, near Chard, Somerset.

Nikki Haddock, Head of Animal Care at Ferne Animal Sanctuary said: “We are now preparing to wean them so they will both be looking for new homes with people who have experience of training and keeping young horses.

“Ideally India would love a playmate of a similar age. She is quite a big girl and we would expect her to make at least 14.2hh. When she is fully grown she would be suitable for riding or being broken to harness. She has been very well handled here and can lead, be groomed and pick her feet up.

“Sydney is 5 years old. It’s unknown if she has ever had any training. She has had quite an unpleasant life and is often on the defence – but with some time and tender loving care, she should come round and be a lovely pony.

“Abandoned ponies are now a huge problem throughout the UK. Without charities like us who are willing to take them in, these two would not have stood a chance.”

Anyone who can help should contact Nikki Haddock at Ferne Animal Sanctuary on 01460 65214.