Breed: native

D.O.B: 06/05/2020

Sex: Mare

Height: 12.hh

Home I need:

Malibu is a sweet, laid back young pony.  She will need an owner familiar with brining on a youngster.  She has all the basics in place, she is great to catch and lead, will be groomed and have her feet picked up and trimmed.  Malibu loves to be around people and would be a lovely companion pony.  We think she would thrive in a family home, ideally with other young ponies to play with.  She has never been left on her own at all so would always need a friend at the moment.  Sadly due to the level of neglect she suffered as a foal, she will never be suitable as a ridden pony however she would make a wonderful companion to another field mate or mates, young or old she can get along with anyone.

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